Friday, 13 February 2015

Update on Contempt Petition and Minimum Guaranteed Pension


Case was scheduled for hearing today in court No 3 at item No 32, Court asked us to file reply to UOI's status report within four weeks and now case is to be listed for hearing  on 30th Mar 2015.. 

"Minimum Guaranteed Pension"

Case was listed for hearing today in court No 2 at item No 9. Now Case is listed for 20th Feb 2015.


  1. Shivaratri in Kerala.. Shambo Mahadeva

  2. Over the next week we hope to learn, as far as legal implications allow, the details of the status report the UOI have filed and what would be the nature of response on 30th March, date of the next hearing.

  3. Tomorrow being the 20th, it would be really interesting to learn if the Minimum Guaranteed Pension case hearing yields clear answers to some old doubts.