Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Pre-mature Thumping of Chests and Patting of Backs?

There is much thumping of chests and patting of the backs (and also incentive to go have a drink) because OROP was approved at 11 am on 9 Apr 15 by the Prime Minister - as reports and breathless twitter chat go.

But in all the woods that we see, the trees appear to have been lost. Nitin Gokhale is quoted to have said that the Defence Minister told him that the PM has approved and all that remains is "detailed calculations"... etc.   

Are we to understand that the bureaucracy  and Govt procedure have indeed changed?

That the CGDA, spearheading the JWG on the OROP made no detailed calculations and floated a ball-park figure?And the home run for OROP file started?

Then the file running to first first base i.e MoD, obtained the approval on that guesstimate of a ball-park figure from the Defence Minister and the file ran to second base.

At second base, the formidable Dept of Expenditure, that dissected and almost killed the patient (in the Rank Pay case asking why the Apex Court judgement should not be made applicable only to Army Officers), just sprinkled some star dust and let the file runs its way to the Finance Minister for his approval?

So on third base, the PMO, studded with the brilliant and (mostly Gujarat cadre) learned bureaucrats, accepted the ball park figure made more acceptable with the DoE's stardust and sent the file to the PM.

And the PM, took time off his preparation for the foreign visit to France, Germany and Canada, to sign and give political clearance for the OROP. 

And we have announcements, pronouncements and invitations to attain spirit highs because OROP is just a matter of days .

Am I being dumb in asking whether a detailed financial calculation is made and scrutinised from the initiation of the file?

And wasn't the political clearance obtained when the UPA included OROP in the Vote of Account/Interim Budget/Whatever  in Feb 2014? 

Wasn't there political clearance/approval when the BJP led NDA Govt included OROP in the Budget in July 2014? 

So, what is the real story? Is OROP still waiting at the batter's plate for the pitcher to throw the ball so that we can have a home run? 

Or is OROP mired in yet another misinterpretation of the Apex Court's order in CA No. 8875 of 2011 which is that the date of enhanced pension is 1.1.2006 and not 23.9.2012 as decided by MoD?



  1. So many news reports over the past few years had proclaimed implementation of OROP and everyone affected knows no such thing ever happened.

    Even among the educated civilian population, there's utter confusion over what OROP is. Staff at PDA's, for instance, refer to the enhancement as on Sep 2012 as "OROP".

    As to why a journalist of standing amongst the defence community would come out with a vague "weeks away" report on not exactly a leading news portal is best left for him to explain to his readership.

    Conflicting, often misleading and largely unauthenticated email "summaries" from sections of the ESM associations hardly help the cause.

    As to what the stand of the Services HQs is on the matter, or on the status of their insistence on compliance with provisions of the DGL, purported to have been originated by them, can only be known if some form of public and firm statement emanates from those quarters.

  2. Mr Parrikar has never read these wise words?

    "Human conversation is largely an endless attempt to convince others that we are more assertive or clever or generous or successful than they might think if we did not carefully educate them". --John Ortberg

    English is the perfect language for politicians because it allows you to talk until you think of what to say.-- Garrison Keillor

  3. The latest information by IESM is very dampening. The govt seems fooling ESM by repeatedly postponing the dates by saying something or other so that the ESM gets fed up and forget it. This gimmicks they have to do as the BJP promised OROP before elections.

  4. The Babus may have the last laugh by taking the veterans to the cleaners with their weird interpretation and many a twist in the DGL.... as and when issued. The points raised are staring us in the face but the gullible are going about showing off inside knowledge without reasonable clarity. No file moves with out detailed calculations and agreement on draft DGL. So hold your horses and wait for ever shifting sacrosanct time lines as per convenience of the powers in office

  5. Just saw the goal post shifted further to Jun 2015. Please see the link to understand the false info being spread to the naive veterans-- http://90paisa.blogspot.in/2015/04/orop-is-foregone-conclusion-and-next.html

  6. I think the govt is deliberately delaying to wear out the ESM,so that the well delivered n well planned googly does not invite too much adver
    se reactions n the expected reaction "kuch to mila" when ever it is implemented
    I do feel the the Services Hq has not been too happy about the final draft n the message to them would be "latest arms or more spending power for the ESM"

  7. Sir,We should hope for the best.At the same time we should be prepared for the worst so that there is not much disappointment at a later date .We should stay united and NOTaccept any dilution in the already accepted definition of OROP and other demands .

  8. RM is saying what he is told by the babus to say,their aim being to delay as much as possible so that at an opportune moment the OROP ball can be pushed into 7CPC Court where it will be suitably disposed off & disappear into the wilderness.Clearly all this is being coord at the highest level of babudom in Delhi.

    1. Please write what you know is the truth. This kind of speculation is what is the problem like some member of IESM stating that OROP is just days away..

      7 CPC has declined to consider anything that is not in the Terms of Reference. OROP is not in the terms of reference. Hence you are just spreading avoidable disillusionment.

    2. You are right ,Sir.It is just speculation/assessment of a large no of affected lot based on available info on the spinning OROP ball. How did the Fin Min official on his own dream of incorrectly inserting/linking this SC order with this case !!

  9. @VenkateshVT, this post is all about speculation and avoiding it. Your comment was speculative.

    Sorry, I am not publishing it.

    1. I hope it remains a speculation & does not become true

  10. well said sir.
    The orop will remain a bogey call till the modalities are rolled out in black and white from mod.....

  11. The Honourable RM in his interaction at Army Commanders Conf has commented that the OROP is moving in the right direction..... No time lines or target dates for roll out. It leaves one to wonder that what is pure staff work to chalk out tables and DGL which any staff officer worth his salt will produce.... the entire Govt machinery of MOD and Finance Ministry are unable to roll out. That too for a project so well monitored right from the PMO down words. Lets hope the fresh time line of Jun is adhered too