Thursday, 4 June 2015

OROP - The Saga Continues

Media reports that the Defence Minister and Finance Minister were to meet on 3rd June 2015 to arrive at a solution on the OROP issue.

It is understood that the meeting took place and was attended also by the Defence Secretary, Expenditure Secretary and Secretary, Deptt of Ex-Servicemens' Welfare but what exactly transpired is not known.

So, hold your breath for some good news on yet another "tareek" after all we have Kargil Divas in July and Independence Day in August and........etc etc   


  1. Sir, our chiefs should take serious interest in these issues of welfare of ex-servicemen..for the following reasons:-
    1. veterens should not ignored by service hqs.
    2. he will also be in this side in matter if months.
    3. progressing ECHS and improving medical facility to elderly veterens ,,,,
    Hope some sense will be infused onto them in the cours eof time ....

  2. Do we take it that promises made by politicos so far are akin to executive Quacks , who offer undeliberated fixes , which later aggravate the chronic ailments ? Reminds me of a famous couplet - Har Shak pe U....... Ab Jaane gulistan ....!. Politico Bureaucratic Class is all set to confound the Issue of OROP to eternal absurdity and thus subvert the Just Expectations of Ex - Servicemen from the nation and and Govrnment. Beware of the subtle attempt to redefine the acepted definition of OROP.

  3. "..Kargil Divas in July and Independence Day in August.."
    Masterfully put, Sir.

    I suppose some of the election dates for ESM over-weight states could be considered to be part of the "etc etc".

    Just today, I learnt of some plan to introduce bands like those, it said, that work in the case of pensions for retired parliamentarians. Perhaps they'll think of clearing one "band" per year or whatever suits them.

    With this delay strategy now becoming apparent, it can be safely surmised 7 CPC will get implemented close to early 2019. So, OROP may come a lot earlier as political advantage out of ESM pensions will not be as large as the one out of the pay commission.

  4. You were absolutely correct " Tarek pe tareek" and IESM vice chair has now agreed to call off their agitation if DM can confirm July 15 or any date earler.