Monday, 29 February 2016

Update of the Maj Gen S P S Vains' case award

No. 4 (140)2010/D(Pen/Legal) Vol II
Ministry of Defence
Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare
D (Pension/Legal)
Dated 10.08.2015
The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Pension)
The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Navy)
The Principal Controller of Defence Accounts (Air Force)

Sub: Implementation of Hon’ble AFT Chandigarh order dated 04.03.2010 passed in O. A. No. 100/2001 filed by S P S Vains & Others 

          I am directed to refer to above cited Hon’ble Tribunal order dated 04.30.2010 (copy enclosed). The approval of Competent Authority is hereby conveyed for implementation of the above mentioned order of the AFT Chandigarh directing respondent to implement the decision of Constitution Bench as well as decision of the Supreme Court rendered in SLP (Civil) 12357 of 2008 (Union of India and another versus SPS Vains (retd) and others) in the matter of fixation of pension of the pre-2006 retirees pensioners as per the list enclosed with this letter. The benefit of revision of pension of the petitioners is to be paid w.e.f 1.1.2006 after notional fixation of pay in the revised pay scales in terms of SAI 2/S/2008 and corresponding instructions for equivalent ranks in Navy and Air Force of 6th CPC order as applicable.

2.      The PSAs viz Pr CDA (P), Allahabad, Pr CDA (Navy), Mumbai and Jt CDA (AF), Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt shall issue corrigendum PPO in respect of petitioners on receipt of notional pay details of the petitioners as the case may be from concerned Pay Accounts Office Viz Pr CDA (O) Pune, NPAO, Mumbai and AFCAO, Delhi. The fixation of pay of the petitioners will be done suo-moto by the concerned PAOs as the case may be and forwarded to PSAs for issue of Corrigendum PPOs for revision of their pension in this regard in compliance of Tribunal order.    

3.       All the PSAs concerned in the subject case are also requested to work out the total amount involved and intimate the same to this HQ so that ex-post facto sanction for ‘Charged Expenditure’ may be accorded.

4.      This sanction will however be subject to the final outcome of appeal filed before the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. In the event the appeal is decided in favour of UoI, the petitioners shall be liable to refund the entire amount paid under the ibid sanction.

5.       This issues with concurrence of Ministry of Defence (Finance/Pension) vide their U. O. No. 17 (04)/2015/FIN/PEN dated 07.08.2015.

(R K Verma) 10/08/2015
Under Secretary to the Govt of India

Copy to:

1.       CGDA, New Delhi

2.      DFA (Pens)

3.       AFA (Pens)

4.      MoD (Pen/Legal)

5.       DADS (Pens), New Delhi

6.      Concerned Legal Cell

7.       Pr CDA (O), Pune

8.      Pr CDA (Navy), Mumbai

9.      Jt CDA (AF), Subroto Park, Delhi Cantt

10.     Petitioner Concerned

11.     Legal Cell, AFT, HQ Western Command, PIN- 908549 c/0 56 APO

12.     AF/MP – 5 (B), West Block –III, R. K. Puram, New Delhi

Annexure I
Letter No. 4(140)2010/D(Pen/Legal) Vol.II

List of 53 Petitioners in OA No. 100 of 2010 AFT, Chandigarh

1.       Maj Gen (retd) S. P. S. Vains  
2.      AVM (retd) J K Pathania
3.       Maj Gen (retd) Satbir Singh
4.      Maj Gen (retd) S. K. Sanan
5.       Maj Gen (retd) R. N. Wadhera
6.      Maj Gen (retd) K. S. Dahiya
7.       AVM (retd) B. S. Cheema
8.      Maj Gen (retd) P. I. Soorma
9.      Maj Gen (retd) S. K. Bali
10.     Maj Gen (retd) Princejit      
11.     AVM (retd) S. K. Sharma
12.     Maj Gen (retd) R. K. Sood
13.     AVM (retd) R. P. Mishra
14.     AVM (retd) A. K. Azadoo
15.     AVM (retd) Dalip Singh Dahiya
16.     Maj Gen (retd) V. S. Budhwar
17.     Maj Gen (retd) Rajendra Mehra
18.     Maj Gen (retd) N. D. Jetli
19.     Maj Gen (retd) V. S. Yadav
20.    Maj Gen (retd) B. S. Dhillon
21.     Maj Gen (retd) G. L. Chadha
22.    Maj Gen (retd) L. Tahiliani
23.    Maj Gen (retd) IC-16318F
24.    Maj Gen (retd) C. S. Brar
25.    Rear Admiral (retd) Kirpal Singh
26.    AVM (retd) Arvind Agarwal
27.    AVM (retd) Surjit Singh
28.    Read Admiral (retd) Jitendra Kumar Talwar
29.    Maj Gen (retd) R. P. Gopal
30.    Maj Gen (retd) Ugrasan Yadav
31.     Maj Gen (retd) Subhash Chander
32.    Maj Gen (retd) P. K. Renjen
33.     AVM (retd) Vinal Kapila
34.    Maj Gen (retd) Ajay Sood
35.     Maj Gen (retd) M. S. Sandhu
36.    Maj Gen (retd) Pushpendra Singh
37.     Maj Gen (retd) B. P. S. Virk
38.    Maj Gen (retd) Jasjit Singh
39.    Maj Gen (retd) Hardial Singh
40.    Mrs Amrita Talwar, widow of late Maj Gen H. S. Talwar
41.     Maj Gen (retd) S. S. Jawandha
42.    Maj Gen (retd) Mohan Singh Bains
43.    Maj Gen (retd) SPS Sidhu
44.    Maj Gen (retd) (Dr) Tirath Singh
45.    Maj Gen (retd) Sateshwar Singh Chahal
46.    Maj Gen (retd) Kaaram Singh
47.    Maj Gen (retd) M. S. Chehal
48.    Maj Gen (retd) Trilok Singh Chaudhri
49.    AVM (retd) P. P. Kahlon
50.    Maj Gen (retd) G. S. Jamwal
51.     Maj Gen (retd) R. N. Chibber
52.    Maj Gen (retd) B. N. Dhar
53.     Maj Gen (retd) R. S. Jamwal


(Aerial View: - Paragraph 4 of the MoD order became infructuous as the UoI prayed for disposal as the Contempt Petition was well as Civil Appeal. Please see Para 11 of the affidavit published in an earlier post.)


  1. Satyam ev jayatae...always and everytime...justice may be delayed but never denied...there is a god in heaven !!!!!

  2. But it is said, "justice delayed is justice denied".

  3. Sir,
    Is No. 3 Maj Gen Satbir Singh the same who is in the OROP thing?

    Heard he got Rs 6 lakh as arrears but he never said a word at JM.

  4. I am not sure because I do not have documents to confirm or deny you a truthful reply.

    Why not ask the Maj Gen or his co-petitioners?

  5. @Taaza Khabar, Hearing and in print are two different things. So please do not believe the numbers being floated around.