Monday, 17 October 2016

Actions Do Speak More Than Words

Remember a few days ago the PM said that the Raksha Mantri is like the Armed Forces, all action and hardly any words or some such thing?

Well, after the submission of the 7th CPC report an Empowered Committee of Secretaries was convened and should have interacted with all stakeholders, or that is what the Govt’s directive was.

So, the MoD, all action and now words ensured that as this extract from a reply (Ref No. C/7026/VIth CPC/14 dated 06 Oct 16) to a RTI request indicates: -

….2. The applicant has requested for information by way of dates, names, designation of stakeholders in the Army, Navy and Air Force and Veterans Association/Movement/League/Federation etc (met) the Defence Secretary and/or Ministry of Defence has had interactions with which all or any specific persons.

3.      However, all interactions are conducted/organised by MoD and this office is not part of any interactions. Services has requested MoD for inclusion of Services reps in ECoS interaction, even though no reps from Services attended any interaction. It is requested that the query may be asked from CPIO of MoD, as MoD conduct/coordinate all interactions at ECOS….”

Readers may draw their own conclusions.            


  1. Please see this list
    2. The following were present from official side:
    1. Sh. Ashok Kumar Dash, Member (Personnel), Department of Posts.
    2. Ms. Santosh, Joint Secretary, Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare,
    3. Sh. Rozy Agarwal, Joint CGDA, Ministry of Defence,
    4. Sh. R. K. Chaturvedi, Joint Secretary, Implementation Cell, Department of Expenditure,
    5. Sh. Sanjay Singh, Chief Controller (Pension), CPAO (representing Controller General of Accounts).
    6. Sh. Tanveer Ahmed, Executive Director, Railway Board (representing Member (Staff)).

    3. The following were present from JCM ( staff side):
    1. Shri Shiv Gopal Mishra, Secretary, JCM.
    2. Shri Guman Singh, Member
    3. Shri J. R. Bhosale, Member
    4. Shri K.K. N, Kutty, Member
    5. Shri C. Srikurnar. Member
    6. Shri R. D. Gupta, Member

    These people attending the meeting on )^ Oct 2016 for pension of pre 2016 pensioners
    Though DESW rep & CDA rep were present, no retired or serving Defence person were present
    Please see
    So much for PM's directions

  2. Indian Army no match with the Indian Police

    Career: Indian Army no match with the Indian Police

    Far Higher Basic Pay Scales of Indian Police Officers.

    Much Lower Basic Pay Scales of Indian Army Officers.

    Basic Pay Scale affects pension & status/protocol also.

    Training period of Police Officer counted for service, pay, promotion, increment & pension but not counted for an Army Officer.

    Why these disparities?

    Why this discrimination with Army Officers?