Friday, 18 November 2016

Back to my seeking information and blogging

The Golden Jubilee Commemoration & Celebration - 2016 of 96th Pilots Course, 34th and 35th Navigators Course was held successfully at the Vivanta by Taj, Begumpet, Hyderabad.

Thanks to the Vivanta staff, managers, General Manager and, Director (Revenue) we had 4 enjoyable and flawless days and nights of catching up and reminiscing about that day (29 Oct 1966) 50 years ago.

We had a video address by the Marshal of the IAF Arjan Singh, DFC to start the proceedings, a video on today's IAF followed by the Commemoration (a silent presentation).

Now, to resume that quest.

MoD - D(Pay/Services) has requested payment of Rs 70/- to provide 35 photocopied pages leading to the Resolution 01 (E) and 02 (E) dated 05 Sep 2016. I will be sending that off soon and then, we await the revelations!

So, cheer up and provide me with support and encouragement to obtain and share information, for after all Being Informed is the Best Weapon.

P.S: Amendment to last message:-  I am off to Mhow to share information with the Higher Command Wing on 23 or 24 Nov 16. 


  1. Sir, welcome bacK.we readers were missing your blog.can you pl also share the information regarding payment out of CSD profits for the corpus of Sanskriti school.

  2. Welcome Sir. We were waiting for blog.

  3. Welcome back Sir, Great job being done to extract facts from the govt files to make the public aware that how govts have cheated the Nation by by repeated their repeated lies n misinformation. The character of people in Governance has been fully exposed. I am certain that one day you efforts will help the Nation in correcting this corrupt system.