Sunday, 30 April 2017

How Many Homeless Veterans Does India have

A senior of mine recently forwarded a "forwarded as received" WhatsApp message of a decorated Indian Veteran passing through immigration checks with ease in the USA after he told them he was a Veteran, albeit of the Indian Armed Forces.  

The senior could not resist praising the respect, priority, protocol, applause, accolades and much else  that Veterans of that country get in contrast to what we Veterans suffer in India.

As is my habit of wanting to learn more, I went to a few USA Veterans websites and found that quite a few of the much respected Veterans in USA are homeless. The USA govt has brought out certain aspects and also a (50) states wide census of the homeless Veterans. Please visit and peruse 


I would request any one to direct me to any such data and analysis of the homeless Veterans in India.

I would also request any information of what the MoD recognised Veterans organisations such as IESL, Navy Foundation, or the Air Force Association has on the homeless Veterans of Indian Armed Forces. 


  1. Sir, welcome back. Missed your posts. Regards Shyam.

    1. Just thought that I should give you all some respite from reading facts, the truth as the social media was flooded with fake news/alternate truth (like rationalisation factor of 2.87 etc) as the Yanks are calling it.

      But here I am back again. Some habits die hard!

  2. Why should a veteran be homeless? Where does the pension go?
    I suppose this could be possible if the veteran did not complete pensionable service, or if he was invalidated out quite early.Calls for fact finding.

    1. Many of our Veterans on the social media praise the USA, how their Armed Forces are treated (the salutes at the airports), how much its Veterans Administration treats their Veterans as against the recalcitrant DESW etc.

      Yet, the USA has thousands of homeless Veterans. The article brings out where their pension goes.

      May be you did not get time to read the article before posting your comment. The article explains in quite some detail why they are homeless.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you. Never went away. Just kept to the sidelines to read opinions/views and expositions of others - including fake facts/alternative truth.

      Temptation to state/bring out documented facts was too much to resist.