Friday, 21 June 2013

Director (AG-I) Confirms About SAI No. 2/S/98 (and consequentially of SNI/SAFI No. 2/S/98

Reply to First Appeal dated 16.5.2013 received on 21.6.2013

Government of India
Ministry of Defence

No. 35 (1)/2013/D(Pay/Services)                                           New Delhi, the 18th June, 2013


                      Subject: Appeal under Section 19 of RTI Act, 2005 filed by Shri S Y Savur

                    Reference is invited to the appeal dated 16.5.2013 filed by Shri S Y Savur (received on 20.5.2013) against the CPIO, MOD letter No. 35(1)/2013/D(Pay/Services) dated 26.4.2013.

2.                 I have considered the aforesaid appeal on the basis of the facts submitted by the applicant and information available with CPIO. I have also observed in the relevant file (F. No. 1(21)/97/D(Pay/Services) that the matter was not taken up with the Hon'ble Kerala High Court by MOD while issuing Special Army Instruction in Dec,1997.

3.                 In view of the above facts, I am satisfied that the information provided by CPIO, MOD vide his letter No. 35(1)/2013/D(Pay/Services) dated 26.4.2013 is in order and is based on the records available with him in his official capacity.

                                                                                                                        (Praveen Kumar)
                                                                                                      Director (AG-I) & Appellate Authority

Copy of this order be supplied to: - Shri S Y Savur, 141, Jal Vayu Towers,
                                                      NGEF Layout, Indira Nagar (PO),

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