Monday, 22 September 2014

Extension of Benefit of Broad Banding of Percentage of Disability/War Injury.'

Please go to DESW website and access letter 'Rationalisation of Casualty Pensionary Awards for Armed Forces Officers and Personnel below Officer Rank (PBOR) invalided out from service prior to 1.1.1996: extension of benefit of broad banding of percentage of disability/war injury.'



  1. Dear Sir,

    In the same breath, any news on the NANA case on disability pension which was challenged by the UoI in the SC ? This is going to have far reaching benefits for the people with disabilities esp in the Army and relatively lesser number in the Air Force and Navy as well !
    Any news on the upcoming hearing of Rank Pay Contempt petition in the SC like composition of court etc / Kindly update since you are in touch with the RDOA team on a regular basis.

  2. Sir,since bb for disabled pre 1996 veterans were sanctioned vide pcda 429 what is the need of fresh application ,PDAs can pay on request from pensioners,your comments sir

    1. If pensioners are "to request", then PDA will ask for details, why not fill in fresh applications and get the payments?