Sunday, 1 March 2015

O R O P - Update 01 Mar 15

MOD File approved by RM is with MoF for the past week or 10 days.

The tweets from RM and Col Rathore (retd) will support this info.

Best Wishes 


  1. Sir, Welcome back.

    If the file has moved to MoF, the news about statements from MoF, that the issue is stuck between MoD and Services, would seem strange.

    I also could not locate any tweet on subject from Hon'ble RM .

    1. RM @manoharparrikar has approved Rs8300Cr for OROP to finance as per last year budget.OROP is now in approval fr implementing stage @adgpi

      RM@manoharparrikar, and gauravcsawant and RA_THORe

  2. The FM said in the press conference after presenting the budget that the matter is still to be resolved between the MOD and Army Hq.He could not be lying.The MOD should clarify.

  3. Sir, I too could not see any tweet on the subject by Raksha Mantra ji. I had also raised a query about usefulness in next financial year of last year's allocation.

  4. @sunlit and @ corona8,

    I do not tweet. Perhaps my disability in using 140 characters to be clear, concise & precise.

    The first part is from information obtained. The second part is for tweeters!

  5. Sir I find tweets can serve very effectively as means of sharing or pointing towards useful material on blogs or other web pages, especially in mobile mode. It helps people to stay connected to issues that are important, as in the case of this important blog post from you which quickly came to attention of even my very limited following

  6. I am satisfied to have first hand information and sure that OROP file will be cleared soon.

  7. @Ajit Singh, we can only wait and see how far the implementation will go in dealing with all issues mentioned in services DGL. A recap