Sunday, 8 March 2015

Update of 10 Mar 15 - Payment of NFU - DOP & T's Response

In reply to RTI request  (DOP&T/R/2015/60017) and Appeal (DOP&T/A/2015/60046) for the budgeted amounts for FY 2009-10 to 2013-14 and actual expenditure/disbursement on Non-Functional Upgradation,  the CPIO and FAA of DOP & T state that Deptt does not maintain such records though it is the Deptt that issues orders for payment of NFU.

Now, the Deptt of Expenditure has transferred within 2 days the query vide DOEXP/R/2015/60136 dated 9 Mar 2015 on the same subject to Deptt of Economic Affairs as DOEAF/R/2015/80088.

Satyam Ev Jayate

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  1. The arrogance of the ruling elite is clearly visible in the response. Lets hope the change of political dispensations brings some change in attitude. These are the same lot who question the well worked out estimates of service HQ at each stage and come up with fudged figures. Lets wait and see.