Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Passing the buck by bureaucracy - Is the PM reading this

In a recent issue of the Outlook magazine, I read that the officials in the Ministry of Finance work at cross purposes. 

The following example should serve as an example as to how this Govt works.

After having my request for a copy of the Cabinet Secretary Committee report on pay, allowances and pension related issues turned down by the Appellate Authority-Director (AG-I) of MoD and Appellate Authority - Director (Administration), Deptt of Expenditure, MoF on 4.12.2014 and 9.12.2014, stating respectively that the other Ministry must decide on downgrading the security grading of the report before it can be disclosed, I filed an online RTI application MODEF/R/2015/60050 on 12.1.2015.

The MoD promptly sent it to Deptt of Expenditure for actions as "DoE is the servicing dept for the Cab Secy Committee." When no reply was forthcoming I filed MODEF/R/2015/60180 on 30.1.2015 (and due to problem with the RTIonline website it was repeated as MODEF/R/2015/60181).

Again the MoD sent my RTI applications to DoE, which now passed the ball to the Deptt of Pensioners and Pensioners Welfare requesting comments and/or opinions of DP & PW.

I filed an RTI application DP&PW/R/2015/60293 on 25.5.2015 requesting information on the action taken on the request of DoE, MoF. I received a reply from CPIO & US, DP&PW on 12.6.2015 that I did not seek any information in the ibid online application of 25.5.2015. 

My command of the English language in jeopardy, I filed a First Appeal DP&PW/A/2015/60029 on 12.6.2015. On 22.6.2015 I received a reply which I reproduce below: -

Registration No.                 DP&PW/A/2015/60029
Name                                      S. Y. Savur
Date of Filing                       12/06/2015
Request filed with Department of Pensions & Pensioners Welfare
Status                        APPEAL DISPOSED OF as on 22/06/2015

Reply: - I have perused the reply of the CPIO with reference to your RTI request. The matter regarding down-grading of the security grading of file of Ministry of Defence was referred by the Ministry of Finance to this Department in June, 2013. The Ministry of Finance was informed vide this Department’s OM No. 38/6/2013-P&PW(A) dated 27.6.2013. The Ministry of Finance was informed vide this department’s OM No. 38/6/2013-P&PW dated 27.6.2013 that the matter regarding down-grading of security grading may be considered by the MoD under the provisions of RTI Act or Manual of Office Procedure or any other relevant instructions in this regard and that this Department had no comments to offer in this regard. A copy of this Department’s OM dated 27.6.2013 is attached.(emphasis supplied).

I continue my quest with MODEF/R/2015/61888 filed on 21.7.2015.


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