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Part III - File Notings on Additional Issues raised by 7th CPC

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1.       7th CPC vide letter at FR has sought comments of the MoD on certain specific issues pertaining to the three Services as enumerated therein. The Commission has also sought comments on various issues raised by various Defence Civilians Associations. The issues of Defence Civilians are being processed separately.  

2.      Of the six issues raised in the main letter, we have received comments from all concerned as under:

(A)   Upgradation of posts of eight, five and three Principal Staff Officers (PSOs) in the Army, Air Force, and Navy respectively to the Apex level. 

Comments: The issue has been examined by the MS Division. With the approval of Hon’ble RM it has been decided to not to support this on grounds of command, control and administrative structures.

(B)   Sergeant and equivalent of both Group ‘X’ and ‘Y’ have traditionally drawn higher pay than Master Craftsman (Civilian). The unilateral upgradation of Master Craftsman over Sergeant and above has created an anomaly. 

Comments:      This point was earlier raised by the Services. They had recommended enhanced grade pay in respect of JCOs/ORs (Havildar/equiv – 4200, Nb Sub/equiv – 4600, Subedar/equiv – 4800 and Subedar Major/equiv – 5400) on the ground that certain percentage of UDCs have been placed in Grade Pay of Rs 4200/- and the Grade Pay of MCM has been revised to Rs 4200/- The matter was examined in consultation with Defence (Finance) and proposal of the Services was not agreed to on the ground that increase of Pay/Grade Pay in respect of one set of employees cannot be cited as basis for the similar increase in Pay/Grade Pay for other employees especially where the conditions of services rendered are entirely different and the services, functions and duties are not comparable. Moreover there cannot be a comparison between services rendered by civilian employees and the service rendered by the Armed Forces. In many cases Armed Forces may be getting more pay scale/grade pay or a higher Pay Band which cannot be a criteria for upgradation of Pay Band/Grade Pay of civilian officers. This point, alongwith other pay related issues was also considered by a Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary. The Committee recommended that pay related issues may be specifically referred to the next pay commission for its consideration as the Pay Commission is the expert body set up for this purpose which can examine these issues in a holistic manner. Government has accepted these recommendations. The matter has been referred to 7th CPC on 25.08.2014.        

(C)   The policy/approach of Ministry regarding the possibility of re-employment of Ex-Servicemen in Non Core activities of Defence Forces, Defence Civilian cadres, Civilian organisations, and DPSUs of MoD may be shared with the Pay Commission.

Comments:      Comments have been received with the approval of AS (R). As per existing Government policy, there is a horizontal reservation of Ex-Servicemen (ESM) in various Central Government Departments (Group C- 10%/Group D – 20%). There is no specific policy for the Non-Core sectors. However, reservation for ESM in these sectors is also as per existing policy.     

(D)   Initiative taken by DGR for resettlement of PBORs in particular NCOs and Officers, in particular Short Service Commissioned (SSC) officers; (ii) Data regarding re-employment of PBORs and Officers by Central, State Governments and Private Sector in the past few years; and (iii) Initiatives regarding skill upgrading to make them employable in private sector.

Comments: The requisite information may please be seen at F/XX.

(E)   Grade Pay for Defence Forces Officers be determined by delinking them from the ranks and linking them to length of service.

Comments:      Grade Pay concept is related to rank or position occupied in the hierarchy of the organisation and in Armed Forces it is linked to Command and Control. Therefore, delinking Grade Pay from the Rank will result in various problems. Hence, the proposal is not recommended.      

3.      The revised date regarding filed postings of officers sought by the Commission is still under preparation by Tri-Services Pay Staff (TRIPAS). The same will be forwarded to the Commission as and when received.

4.      The comment as contained in para 2 (A) to (E) above are submitted for kind consideration and approval before submission to the 7th CPC as per statement placed opposite at DFA.
(M S Sharma)
Under Secretary

          Information sought is Para 8 of FR which is only statistical is yet to be received.

Information on the remaining paras which has been received may be forwarded,

          Annexure to the FR seeks comments only on the pay scales demanded by various Associations. This may be sent separately.
(R Pandiyan)
JS (E)         Sd/-----------------12-6-15

AS (R)        Sd/-----------------12/6/15

Def Secy     Sd/-----------------22/6

AS (R)       On tour

JS (E)         Sd/-------------22-6-15

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