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Mar 24 2016: The Times of India (Delhi)

Resolve pay anomalies: Def chiefs to Mantri
New Delhi:

The Army , Navy and IAF chiefs have once aga in expressed concern over the eroding “status, parity and equivalence'' in terms of salaries and allowances of the armed forces vis-à-vis their civilian counterparts, urging the government to resolve the “persisting core anomalies“ before implementing the  recommendations of 7th Central Pay Commission (CPC).

Defence ministry sources said the three chiefs ­ Air Chief Marshal Arup Raha, Admiral Robin Dhowan and General Dalbir Singh Suhag ­ briefed defence minister Manohar Parrikar in this regard on Tuesday evening. “The chiefs flagged 37 issues, holding eight were critical to the armed forces. The MoD will now prepare a formal note for the empowered committee of secretaries, led by the Cabinet Secretary, which has been constituted to process the recommendations of the 7th CPC,” said a source.

The critical issues, which the chiefs said would adversely impact the armed forces' morale if they were not rectified, include the use of the new pay matrix by the 7th CPC. The forces contend the “discriminatory manner” in which the salaries have been structured by the matrix will lead to lesser pay for military personnel as compared to their civilian counterparts.

The armed forces say the 7th CPC also downgrades them to the level of the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs). Moreover, while the CAPFs can choose the better option between military risk hardship allowances , this reciprocity has not been extended to the armed forces. They also demanded that the calculation of the disability pension be changed from the existing percentage-based system to the earlier slab-based system.

Another demand is the grant of NFU (non-functional upgradation) for officers denied promotions due to lack of vacancies in the steeply-pyramidal structure of the armed forces. The forces also want the placement of all Lt-Generals in the HAG+ (higher administrative grade) pay-scale like directors-general of police.
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  1. Dear Sir,
    The VII CPC has cunningly recommended, change from the current system of linkage of 100 % Disability Pension, to the Last Pay Drawn(30 % thereof) and NOT the other way round. Chiefs must have asked for its continuation. The present system is more advantageous. Col Dutt

    1. Sir,

      1. Please read the Report and syncronise with the Pay matrix + MSP, if entitled.

      2. In the case of lower ranks the slab rate disability element is beneficial because

      (a) A Havildar will get Rs 12000 from the slab system while in percentage terms he will get Rs 10320.

      (b) A Lieutenant will get Rs 27000 in slab system compared to Rs 21480 @ 30 %of BP.

      (c) A Maj with BP + MSP of Rs 84900 will get 27000 in slab system while he will get only Rs 25470 if paid @30% of BP.

      3. The losers, if one may term it that, will be the General/Flag/Air ranks.

  2. A very sad state of affairs the way the babus try to mislead the decision makers, As per status report on the pension payments made to 16,08,343 vets / family is Rs2,498.48 Crores. Pro-rated to about 25 lakh vets / family total amount will be under Rs 4000 Crores. Where did we get the number of Rs 8000 / 10,000 crores. I think we need to get the actual numbers through an RTI and bring it to public notice.

    1. Sir,

      Only one fourth of the OROP arrears i.e first out of four instalments has been paid to about 12 lakh pensioners.

      There are those absorbed in PSU and who commuted 100% pension and in whose case corrigendum PPO have to be issued by PSA.

      Approx 6 lakh are widows/NoK/Gallantry award winners who would have been paid the full arrears.

      An RTI application is not required!

  3. Dear Sir,
    It is good that OR stand to gain with Slab System of Disability Pension.
    This element of Pension is applicable only to superannuated personnel and among Officers, none gets superannuated at those junior ranks. The middle level officers ie Lt Col to Brig(max No of those superannuated) stand to lose ,apart from higher ranks.
    Officers have had different yardsticks applied to them from the British days. PBOR could be on Slab System and officers on the percentage system, if at all. Dutt

  4. Dis Pen issue.DP on % basis needs to be worked out on the Max pay for every rank, as bulk of the Dis pen retirees would be getting max/close to max pay at the time of retirement.
    The entitlemement needs to be worded as " 30 % or ----- ,whichever is higher/more benificial"