Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Why, I believe six impossible things before breakfast

Why, I believe six impossible things before breakfast

-Alice in Wonderland to the Mad Hatter

1.       On 12 May 16, at around 10.45 am, this author received a call (mobile no. +919436234696)  from Col ‘A’ of K & K Sub-Area, Bangalore  intimating that Chairman 7th Army Pay Commission Cell (APCC) would give a talk on 7th CPC and OROP at the ASC College and Centre, Bangalore auditorium on 13 May 16. The Col ‘A’ also stated that Chairman APCC had given this author three options – (i) to attend the talk, (ii) to have a one-on-one discussion, or (iii) both. This author opted to attend the talk followed by a discussion with Chairman APCC after the talk.
2.      On 13th May 16, Chairman APCC addressed Officers, JCOs/ORs and a few Veterans.

3.       This author waited and watched the Chairman APCC having his refreshments and for an indication where the discussion would take place. However, the Chairman APCC just boarded his vehicle [a hired SUV with Karnataka registration (yellow) plate and star plate hung by straps either side of the registration plate] and departed. So, the scheduled discussion after Chairman APCC’s PowerPoint presentation did not take place for some reasons best known to Chairman APCC.

4.      On 15 May 16, Chairman APCC intimated this author at about 1915h by email that he had been told that I had left, and even one Lt Col Raina, tasked to locate me confirmed that I had left, when I (all of 188 cm/6’2”/84 kgs) hung around about 20 feet away from the Chairman APCC and was among the last few who left the refreshment shamiana. In the email, he claimed he did not have my mobile number(s), though I had conveyed them to the AG, at whose behest the Chairman APCC is supposed to have visited Bangalore.

5.       Some notes were taken by this author and (my side of/understanding) an analysis is being prepared and will be posted here in the next few days.

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  1. bravo sir..do not know whether to die laughing and die crying !!!

    god save us all

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