Sunday, 7 May 2017

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Don’t compare yourselves with civil servants: Army chief to soldiers

The sixth pay commission had given NFU to almost all group-A officers of the civil services but not to the military and paramilitary officers and personnel.

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 Any one who was present may wish to update, or fill in the blanks


  1. Dear General

    Kindly Note

    Your one of the basic duty is to care welfare of personal you command
    Officer & men do their duty with highest dignity & honour
    They have left their pay & pension
    On their superior
    You being the head has to keep their Head High

    It is well known fact that MSP is over & above pay / pension as Forces service conditions & hardships are far above their civilian counter part working in best cities & under AC

    This was the reason in 1971
    Forces Pay & pension was highest
    Now lowest

    Moreover when AFT has accepted NFFU plea & even debarred government to going to SC

    Even then SLP has been initiated

    Then at least Head of Forces
    You must take care of them

    This article sends a wrong message that not only you are in denial mode but against AFT ruling too

    Ensure NFFU + MSP is given to all


    Col Lamba

    ( one man army )

    Don’t compare yourselves with civil servants: Army chief to soldiers
    Written by Sushant Kulkarni | Pune |
    Published On: May 7, 2017 2:15 Am
    Army chief, Bipin Rawat, 7th pay commission. seventh pay commission, 7 pay commission, NFU, 6th pay commission, 6 pay commission, indian express, india news

    Gen Bipin Rawat in Pune on Saturday. Pavan Khengre
    Army chief Gen Bipin Rawat on Saturday clarified the Army’s position on non-functional upgrade (NFU) with reference to the recently-notified seventh pay commission. He urged the defence personnel against comparing themselves with the civil services for that factor.
    He said the Army will implement NFU in its own way.
    The NFU factor entitles officers or personnel of a batch to get salaries and grade pay of their batch’s senior-most officer after a certain period. The sixth pay commission had given NFU to almost all group-A officers of the civil services but not to the military and paramilitary officers and personnel. The defence forces have been demanding one-time NFU to ensure comparable pay.
    “There has been a misunderstanding that because NFU has been granted to our counterparts in civil services, the status of military services has been downgraded,’’ he said while addressing defence personnel and veterans here.
    “But as a clarification to this notion, a letter from the government of India states that NFU will be purely financial upgrade and it will not bestow any right to the officer to claim promotion or designation for the higher post,’’ he said.
    Gen Rawat noted that the sixth pay commission report had made observations about the status of armed forces. “It says the edge enjoyed by the defence forces over the civilian services is reflected in the separate element of military services pay,” he said.
    The Army chief said that the sixth pay commission report states that military personnel are required to work in extreme circumstances of complex nature. He said, “They are trained for warlike situations. Also, the superannuation of defence personnel specially of the other ranks at the younger age is a factor that has been considered, thus the military services pay is given.’’
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    1. Dear Colonel One Man Army,

      You too have been mis-briefed (to use a Bushism). Starting salary of Armed Forces was higher till 1987 i.e 4th Pay Commission and not 1971, when Armed Forces Officers started higher than IAS etc.

      The General too has been mis-briefed (certainly not by Chairman Army's Pay Commission Cell?). There was always an edge for the Armed Forces.

      From independence and till 4th CPC it was Special Disturbance Allowance.

      After 4th CPC and in 5th CPC it was Rank Pay.

      In 6th CPC it became Military Service Pay.

      Air Mshl Savur has brought this out in earlier posts regarding the edge.


  3. Sir, the matter has been decided in a court of law. I think appeals have been filed. It is doubtful if litigants are going to be swayed by that bit of advice.

    It won't hurt if Services HQs can further improve, at a later stage, on what is finally obtained through litigation.

    1. The Armed Force Tribunal has passed orders. Have you read the 96 pages? Maybe it is on your blog with your opinion. Please provide me a link.

    2. @Taaza Khabar ".. provide me a link.." I'd have thought current news would flow from you.

      No matter. I got hold of a file someone had made available in another forum. Please check if it is the same case and try to get a verification of its authenticity done on the official AFT web-site. All the case particulars are in the document.

      Here's the link you needed .


  5. Gen Ravat is speaking the language of govt He wanted to become Gov or Ambasdor Why is he not speaking MSP to JCO very poor show by Gen He wanted to cross VK Singh

    1. Sir,

      Gen Rawat also said that some anomalies are being addressed. One of the 4 core anomalies projected is increase in MSP for JCOs. Two have been addressed - disability benefit by percentage of pay for all ranks; increase in stages in the pay matrix for Other Ranks to 40 so that there isn't any stagnation.

      That leaves only 2 core anomalies - NFU, which the Gen has rightly said is sub-judice (hearing is in Oct 2017) and the other is MSP for JCOs, which is with the Anomaly Committee.