Thursday, 18 May 2017

So What Documents Did the Pay Commissions read or rely on?

There was no response to my online RTI request No. DOEXP/R/2016/50235 for the Old Pension Code 1947. I filed a First Appeal DOEXP/A/2016/60033 requesting orders to the CPIO to release the information.

Almost at the same time I filed online RTI request No. DOEXP/R/2016/50236 requesting for a copy of the Post War Pay Code 1953. Again, because the CPIO did not respond, I filed a First Appeal No. DOEXP/A/2016/60037.

I received a call from Shri Amar Nath Singh, Deputy Secretary and Appellate Authority, Deptt of Expenditure, which services (provides administrative facilities) the Pay Commissions that his Deptt does not have copies of the documents requested for.

I filed an online RTI request with National Archives and drew a blank.

So what documents did the successive Pay Commissions rely on to preface their chapters on Pay, Allowances and Pensions for Armed Forces?

Anybody has a copy? Please share with me. I will bear the cost of photocopying, packing and courier/speed post.

Jai Hind      

P.S:   I am still deciding whether to file an online RTI request for a copy of the Armed Forces Pension Review Committee that preceded the 3rd CPC. 

It might confirm the Report of the 3rd CPC (Chapter 53, Paragraph 38) that pensions of Other Ranks were never 70% of last pay drawn at any time. Then what happens to all those rumours, and the rumour-mongers ? 

(3rd CPC report relevant to Armed Forces is elsewhere in the posts on this blog.)

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