Monday, 13 November 2017

No Opinion about TSEWA requiring contributions

Dear Readers, 

Please do not WhatsApp or email or sms about Brig C S Vidyasagar (Veteran) or TSEWA asking for contributions to fight cases before the AFT or other higher Courts.

I have not studied what has been stated and nor do I wish to.

All of you are wise enough and this blog provides all the data and facts for you to decide.

Jai Hind


  1. question doesn't arise, we will not trust any Commissioned officers

  2. Sir,
    Deeply regret that you have not expressed any opinion.

    2. So, through your blog I request TSEWA to provide the names of the lawyers/advocates, their fees (per appearance or otherwise), court/AFT fees and any other expenses, including managing members of TSEWA? Then we will know more and be able to decide.

    1. Sir,

      My apologies for disappointing you.

      2. Information posted on this blog is obtained, most often, at Rs 2/- per page in addition to the cost of Speed Post, travel to the nearest post office etc.

      3. As I do not request, nor will I accept any contributions, I have no moral right to question what others want to do.

      4. I have provided information on OROP and other subjects though I am not affected because some one will benefit.

      5. If you require information from TSEWA, please approach them directly. And when you obtain the information and wish/desire I publish it on the blog, I certainly will.

      Satyam Ev Jayate