Thursday, 10 May 2018

Plea to the honourable Prime Minister on the Justice Reddi Report

Status as on 10 May 2018
Registration Number:PMOPG/E/2018/0163396
Name Of Complainant:Air Marshal S Y Savur PVSM AVSM retd
Date of Receipt:12 Apr 2018
Received by:Prime Ministers Office
Forwarded to:Department of Defence
Officer name:Shri V. Anandarajan
Officer Designation:JS PG &amp Coord and CAO
Contact Address:Room No. 156,

E Block,

Dara Shikoh Road, New Delhi110011
Contact Number:01123017828
Grievance Description:Honourable Prime Minister, After your promise at the Ex-Servicemen (ESM) Rally in Rewari in September 2013, every ESM and family pensioner extended wholehearted support to the honourable Prime Minister. You then promised One Rank One Pension (OROP) on three Diwalis (2014, 2015, and 2017) while addressing serving Other Ranks and Officers of the Armed Forces in Siachen and other Forward areas. Presently about 18 lakh pre 2013 Defence Forces retirees and family pensioners await the approval and announcement on the Govt’s decision on the recommendations of the Judicial Committee submitted in November 2016. 2. The honourable PM must be aware that instead of One Rank One Pension, there are One Rank Several Pensions viz. the maximum pension, the in between maximum and average pensions (all protected) and average pensions for the same rank and same length of service because the batches (Courses) are large. For example, in a batch of 60 Colonels with 28 years of service, some may be getting Rs 50000 (maximum), some others Rs 45000, yet some others Rs 40000 or even Rs 37500 whereas the average pension of all Colonels (non AMC/ADC/RVC) with 28 years of service might be Rs 36500. 3. This is very different from the Non-Functional Financial Upgradation (NFU) that the bureaucrats continue to be rewarded with. The bureaucrats of every batch get the higher pay by one increment and higher Grade Pay and continue to do so. The batch does not have maximum pay, pay in between maximum and average pay. 4. The honourable PM must be aware that the MoD keeps seeking and getting extensions from the Committee of Assurances of the Lok Sabha every three months on the plea that the Report is being examined. The honourable PM must be apprised of this situation lest some other misguided elements decide to initiate another OROP agitation demanding payment of pension even if from remote Ram Lila grounds. If that happens, then the repeated statements of the honourable PM that he extends his all-out support for Armed Forces and welfare of widows of martyrs and ESM will, to quote Shri Harish Khare, “stand depleted of all nobility and goodness.” 5. Therefore, the honourable PM may wish to examine the Report and take remedial actions by publishing the recommendations and (a) accepting or (b) rejecting the Report so family pensioners and pensioners know the finality of decision on OROP before the Model Code of Conduct takes effect in 2019 – almost 3 years from the date that Justice Reddy submitted his report on One Rank One Pension. Jai Hind
Date of Action:16 Apr 2018


  1. too long a rope but still OK if announced, even with 2nd OROP and before the election of 2019.

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  3. This govt's proclaimed policy is less govt and
    More governance.but this is happening only in respect of corporate affairs and ease of doing business respect of govt's employees who r responsible forimplementing the policies and military personnel who protects the freedom and security of the whether in peace or war govt governance has become more delayed governance.this is simply absurd..