Thursday, 19 September 2013

Let CGDA Clear Our Doubts


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SYS/RTI/CGDA/2013                                                                        19th September 2013

(1) CPIO (Audit Wing),
Shri S Murali Krishnan IDAS
Senior ACGDA (IT), Office of the CGDA,                                                       
Ulan Batar Road, Palam, New Delhi – 110 010


1.         Please refer to the Opinion of the Attorney General of India letter No. MLJ No. AG 16/2013-ADV ‘C’ dated 14.8.2013 and AG DY No. 325/AG/OPIN dated 14.8.2013 on the subject of Implementation of Supreme Court order dated 4.9.2012 – Rank Pay Case (Major A. K. Dhanapalan Retd - reg and CGDA Note No. AT/I/1483/RB/X(PC)/V dated 23.5.2013.

2.         At Para 34 of the ibid Opinion letter of Ld Attorney General, states, inter alia: - “The CGDA has indicated that the minimum for each rank has not been arrived at after deduction of rank pay. It was in fact a recommendation of 4th CPC….” (Photocopy of referred portion attached for ready reference)

3.         Further, the ibid opinion letter of the Ld Attorney General states as follows at Para 36, inter alia: - “…..There is no need to revise the minimum, if as stated by the CGDA it has been fixed on another basis.” (Photocopy of the referred portion is attached for ready reference).

4.         Please provide information by way of photocopies of documents that the CGDA relied on to make the above statements to the Ld Attorney General of India as neither any table nor a recommendation of minimum pay for each rank is in the 4th Central Pay Commission’s Report, Part I, Chapter 28 – Armed Forces Personnel (Pages 283 to 306), including table at Annexe 28.1 which is an illustration showing the pay in the integrated scale of pay for army officers of different ranks in reference to Para 28.113 or in Chapter 30 – Fixation of Pay in Proposed Scales (pages 310 to 312).

5.         Since Rule 7 (1) (A) of CCS (RP) Rules 1986 has been quoted for not increasing the ceiling of the integrated scale of pay, please provide information by way of a photocopy of the same.

6.         Indian Postal Order No. 19F 707618 for Rs 10/- payable to CGDA at New Delhi is enclosed as application fee. It is requested that the undersigned may not be requested to visit the offices of CGDA to search for the information for reasons stated in earlier applications for information.

Yours truly,

Enclosures: as stated above

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