Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Meeting in MoD on 17 Dec 13

It is understood that the Additional Secretary (A), MoD took a meeting on 17 Dec 13 in which all stakeholders, other than RDOA & Lt Col N K Nair (Petitioners in Contempt Petition No. 328 of 2013) were present.

It is understood that the stalemate continues - everyone holding fast to earlier stated positions.

It is not known what the MoD will do/is doing about the opinion of the Ld AG on 3.9.2013 that restoration of deduction of Rank Pay applies to 4th and 5th CPC with consequent effect on the re-fixation in 6th CPC. 

It is known that MoD has sent the latest SoC  (dated 25.11.13 or thereabouts) of the Chairman CoSC to MoF before sending it again to MOLAW for further action.

It is not known whether MoD has made a separate SoC. Readers may recall MoF/DoE commenting on that in its ID No. 1876454/E.III-A/2012 dated 5.7.2013, based on which the Ld AG opined on 2 issues.  

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