Friday, 4 July 2014

Rank Pay Case - No Progress?

I hope and request readers of this update NOT to put Lt Col (retd) Satwant Singh,Secretary of RDOA in dire peril. He suffered a stroke about 6 weeks ago. He is recovering and undergoing physiotherapy.

I mentioned dire peril because if every one tries to call him/his family to wish speedy recovery (to fight Contempt Petition (C) No. 328 of 2013), every caller will disturb and hinder his speedy recovery. So please do not disturb him. Similarly situated officers wanted an update, and here it is.

In the meantime, Lt Col (retd) B K Sharma and members of the Core Committee are in constant contact with each other and with the legal team to be ready to progress the case against the alleged Contemnors, (1) Defence Secretary, and (2) Kum Vandana Srivastava, CGDA when the next date of hearing is announced. 

RDOA has been provided photocopies of disclosures (under RTI by CPIO and also by First Appellate Authority (placed elsewhere in this blog) of the notings on file by LA (Def) who did not send the Statement of Case dated 25.11.2013 to Ld Attorney General. The file was returned by LA (Def)in February 2014.

Photocopies have also been provided of the Draft Corrigenda sent by MoD to MoF on 25.4.2014 and withdrawn on 7.5.2014 as disclosed by CPIO of MoF/DoE/E.III.A on 06.6.2014. 

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