Saturday, 12 July 2014

Rank Pay Corrigenda - Update

The Request for Information dated 10 Jun 14

MoD, vide No. 35(1)/2013/D(Pay/Services) dated 23rd May 2014 provided me a photocopy of a hand corrected Draft Government Letter (DGL) No.34(10)/2013-D(Pay/Services) with no date of March 2014 in reply to my online request no. MODEF/R/2014/60846ated 01 May 2014 and received by CPIO (D-Pay/Services) on 5th May 2014.

However, MoF/DoE vide No.7/1/2014-E.III(A)/224 dated 6th June 2014 in reply to my online RTI request DOEXP/R/2014/60225 dated 13th March 2014 has stated in Para 2 that the file No. 34(10)/2013-D(Pay/Services) was received from the Ministry of Defence on 24.4.2014. The file was withdrawn by Ministry of Defence on 7.5.2014 before any decision was taken by the Ministry of Finance.

It appears that the matter was known to CPIO that MoD had been withdrawn from Mof/DoE before the ibid reply dated 23rd May 2014.

Please provide me information in terms of Section 2(f) of the RTI Act 2005 on the notings, discussions, deliberations, additional factors and related information based on which the file was withdrawn and the present status of the file.

*        *        *        *        *
The Reply dated 4 Jul 14
RTI matter
No. 35(1)/2013/D(Pay/Services)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
New Delhi, the 4th July, 2014

          Subject: Seeking information under RTI Act – 2005


          Reference is invited to MoD ID No. MODEF/R/2014(61069)/D(RTI) dated 11.6.2014 forwarding your RTI application dated 10.6.2014 on the above subject.

2.       In this connection it is stated that MoD File No. 34(10)/2013-D(Pay/Services) has been referred to Ministry of Finance (Deptt of Expenditure) on 4.6.2014 for their views/concurrence which is still awaited. Information sought under the above mentioned application dated 10.6.2014 would be provided after the relevant file is received back from Ministry of Finance.

3.       The Appellate Authority is Shri Pradeep Kumar, Director (AG-I), Ministry of Defence, Room No. 102, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi.  
Yours faithfully,
(P. S. Walia)
Under Secretary & CPIO
*        *        *        *        *

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