Friday, 9 January 2015

Update OROP - 15 Jan 2015

Further to RRM calling for meeting.

The basic modalities remain (1) same rank, same years of total service, same pension, (2) commencement date of OROP is 1.4.2014 i.e pension drawn by officers retiring on that date and (3) increase of pension on the basis of what would be drawn in future by officers under (1).

It appears CGDA has used statistics to impress up on the Ministers that calculations were made on the basis of taking maximum service and maximum pay to arrive at the pension. For example - the largest number of officers entitled to pensions are in the Lt Col & Col ranks and for ORs in the Havildar rank. If, presumably, CGDA  decided Rs 38000 for 31 years for all Lt Cols and Cols and a similar (but not same) figure for Havildars, the inflated figure would be Rs 9300 crores (some reports state Rs 14, 300 crores).

The next area (of contention?) is that of OROP be determined by years of service in the rank at the time of retirement. It appears the CGDA and/or FA (DS) have ignored two fundamental facts - 

(1) the basis for pensions since independence has been rank and total years of service at the time of retirement. If proof be needed, the CGDA/FA (DS) may wish to look at not only the PPOs of the Defence Services but also their own PPOs.

(2) If two officers have the same rank, and similar years of service, they should get the same amount of pension. Any other "modality" would no longer qualify as "One Rank One Pension."

Hopefully, the Defence Minister and RRM will heed the facts as they are instead of being over-awed by the "statistics"provided by CGDA/ FA (DS).   

Another bogey that the "babus" appear to have shown to the Defence Minister is about civilians too wanting OROP. It brings to mind a similar silly statement - Remember Shri P S Walia, then US in MoD - D (Pay/Services) averring in an affidavit that if Rank Pay was given to entitled Defence Forces officers, the civilians would ask for it too? Well, the Apex Court passed its orders on 03 Sep 2012,  and............
  Heard the political decision may be announced on 26 Jan 2015.

As I stated earlier, 
"well, if wishes were horses, we'd get OROP sooner than 28 Feb 15 (a Saturday)."      


  1. gives where Kum Vandana Srivastava has gone.She is the new FA(DS) & ARVIND R KAUSHAL is the new CGDA.
    Lets see how the game is played now.Till now CGDA seemed to have played the major part.Now it may change ,with the lady in the chair FA(DS).
    Has she got out of the Rank pay case also since she is no more CGDA

    VANDANA SRIVASTAVA (KUM) 1977 1978 23/09/1955 12/07/1978 APEX 05/07/2013
    DELHI 01/11/2014
    2 ARVIND R KAUSHAL 1978 1979 27/05/1955 12/12/1979 APEX 01/11/2014 CGDA CGDA DELHI 01/11/2014

  2. FA has a major role to play on Defence expenditure. Normally the concerned CDA is the FA to Regional Headquarters. e.g.. CDA (Navy) Kochi is FA to C-in-C South.

  3. any update on yesterday's RRM meeting

  4. Sir,if colonels and Lt colonel eqts and havs are to be paid higher pension,I mean they are already getting a pension so the diff of say 20% or so could never be more than you said this is an exercise to stun the RM and rrm ,which will never happen

  5. Such wide variations in the estimates of outgo on OROP is intriguing. Hope the CGDA is not clubbing the outgo on the Rank Pay Case with that for the OROP case to muddy the waters.