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MoD File notings - CSC 2009

File Notings CSC 9

Provided vide MoD, Deptt of Ex-Servicemens' Welfare No. PC-237/RTI/D(P/P)/2014 dated 13.06.2016 
File notings on MoD file No. 10 (1)/2009/D (Pension/Policy).


Your endorsement at 16/ante.

The implementation of the recommendations of the 6th CPC regarding pensions have created four classes of pensioners for PBOR and Commissioned officers respectively as mentioned at para 4 above. Each class of pensioners would be drawing different quantum of pension with substantial gap in the quantum of pension of pre 1.1.96 pensioners and pre 10.10.1997 pensioners vis-à-vis post 1.1.2006 pensioners in the same rank and groups. It is estimated that the gap in the quantum of pension of pre 1.1.96 pensioners as compared to 1.1.06 counterparts in the case of PBORs is to the extent of approximately 40% whereas in the post vth CPC scenario the gap in the pensioners entitlement of pre 1.1.97 ranged from approximately 4 to 15% only.

In the circumstances, the proposal at para 5 is worth consideration as it would not only minimise the differences in respect of pre 1.1.2006 and post 1.1.2006 pensioners and lead to improvement in the pension of pre 1.1.2006 pensioners. If approved, CGDA will be requested to work out the details with financial implications involved.

(Sanjeeva Kumar)
Joint Secretary (ESW)
23rd March 2009
Secretary (ESW)


RM may please see the directions given at page 7. The Director (Pen/Pol) in his note at pages 10 & 11 has suggested a course of action that might bring comfort from disparities that is currently vexing our Ex-Servicemen. I would suggest that a committee be formed by RM with representatives of Defence Finance, PCDA Pensions Allahabad, one Ex-Serviceman above the rank of Colonel under the Jt Secretary ESW to evolve a pension system that addresses the prime concern of the Veterans – namely reduction in difference between retired ranks. This is not possible without departing from the generally accepted principle laid by the 6th CPC of seeing that a retiring employee gets 50% of the last pay.

Since the Veterans want a uniformity then they may pay the price of some who will get less than what they get now. A simplified system of every retired serviceman getting the minimum of the pay band or the segment in the pay band prescribed for the rank, without MSP and Grade Pay, be the pension computing formula for the rank. The officer who puts in 1 year in the rank gets the same as an officer who puts in many years in the rank will get the same pension. This is not going to be too popular but can be considered by the proposed committee.

Thus RM may approve the formation of a committee composed as under: -

          Joint Secretary ESW                                Chairman

          Dir (Pen/Pol) Deptt of ESW                    Secretary

Representative of Deptt of Pensions & Pensioners Welfare

Representative of Defence Finance

Representative of PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad

One Ex-Serviceman conversant with pension matters

For consideration. The Committee may give its suggestions in 3 months time.


The constitution of the Committee as proposed above is approved. However, Secy (ESW) may chair the said Committee. I am sure that as proposed, the Committee will b able to bridge the gap in the pre and post 1.1.2006 pensioners thereby leading to further improvement in the pension of pre 1.1.2006 pensioners.
(A. K. Antony)
Raksha Mantri
26th Mar, 2009
Secy (ESW)


Take appropriate action.
JS                                  Sd/----------- 30/3

Dir (P)       Urgent       Sd/------------- 30/3/09

SO (P/P)

D (Pen/Pol)

Reference preceding notes.

2.      A draft is placed opposite for consideration.   Sd/------------- 31/3/09

Dir (Pen/Pol)


In the DOP & PW, there is no intermediary level between Dir (PP) and Secy (P & PW). Therefore, we may adopt Dir (PP) as a member. In the Defence Finance, Addl FA (D) is looking after pensionary matters of the Armed Forces personnel. He may b adopted another member. There are two Controllers of Defence Accounts - (1) CDA (Grants), and (2) CDA (Audit). There are 3 recognised Associations of ESM, the details of which are available with D (Res) – (i) Indian Ex-Services League, (ii) Disabled War Veterans, and (iii) Air Force Association.        

It is for consideration whether we may write to DOP & PW, PCDA (P), Allahabad, Defence Finance for their reps. It is also for consideration as to how the reps of ESM should be opted.   

We may perhaps have 3 ESM reps, one each from the three recognised associations.                                                                     Sd/-------------2.4

Secy (ESW)
They must be conversant in pension matters and be able to compute pensions. Let at least one person be of the Other Ranks.
                                                                                      Sd/------------- 2/4
Modify the order accordingly and issue.                             Sd/------------2/4

Dir (P)
-25- (repetition in original)

JS (ESW) may kindly see before issue.
                                                                                      Sd/------------- 8/4/09

JS (ESW)                                                                      Sd/------------ 8/4/09

Dir (P)                                                                           Sd/------------ 8/4

Issued                                                                                     26A
Receipt                                                                                   27A

Issued                                                                                     28A
Issued                                                                                     29A

Receipts                                                                                  30A and 31 A

Reference note 24 ante.

 2.     The issue regarding constitution of Committee under the Chairmanship of Secy (ESW) to examine the issue of bridging the gap between pre and post 1.1.2006 Armed Forces pensioners is under consideration in this file.  

3.       Nomination of the reps from MoD (Fin), PCDA (P), Allahabad, Indian Ex-Services League and DOP&PW were called vide ID dated 8.4.2009. IESL has nominated 4 reps against 3 called for. They have co-opted members from Army, Navy, Air Force and also a rep from PBOR. They have sought permission to nominate a minimum of 4 members as per details in para 2 of encl 30-A. They have also requested for schedule of the initial meeting as ex Genl R. N. Radhakrishnan is based in Madurai. He would require adequate notice.    

4.      Def (Fin) has also nominated DFA (Pen) as their rep. We have yet to receive nomination from PCDA (P) and DOP &PW. We have reminded them to expedite the nominations. PCDA (P)/CGDA have also been requested to prepare the base paper for the members of the Committee vide encl 30-A.    

5.       There is yet another communication at encl 27-A, which carries the list of a Core team for regular interaction for the rectification/notification of pension related issues and the anomalies of the 6th CPC. Since IESL has nominated 4 members of the Core Team as the reps of the aforesaid Committee, we may not enter into any dialogue with the Core Team at this stage. After the base paper gets ready, the date for the initial meeting will be sought from the Chairman.     

          Submitted for kind information at this stage.         
(Harbans Singh)
Director (Pen/Policy)
Secretary (ESW)

As the numbers are tending to grow larger, the suggested persons could be used for the purpose of a sub-committee or as a working group that advises the committee. One person can be part of the main Committee as approved by RM.
Dir PP
Further action of setting up of sub-committee will be proposed after receipt of base paper. 
Sd/----------- 22/4/09
Receipt                                                                                                      35-A
Reference note 33 ante.

2.      PCDA (P) Allahabad has nominated himself to be member of the Committee. It has also been suggested that an officer at appropriate level from CGDA should also be nominated to the Committee if not already done.

3.       In response to our communication dated 8.4.2009 (encl 26A), we have received nominations from the concerned authorities including Indian Ex-Services League except DOP & PW, whose nomination is awaited. So far the following nominations have been received: -    

(i)      Major Gen R. N. Radhakrishnan, Retd                      ] Indian
(ii)    AVM R. P. Mishra, retd                                              ] Ex-Services
(iii)   Rear Admiral Sushil Ramsay, retd                                      ] League
(iv)    Sub Maj/Honorary Capt Layak Ram Yadav, retd     ] encl 30-A
(v)     DFA (Pensions) from Def (Fin) (encl 31-A)
(vi)    PCDA (P), Allahabad (encl 35-A)

4.      Formal orders for the constitution of the Committee will b submitted on receipt of nomination of the rep of the DOP & PW. It does not appear to be desirable to opt some more officer as suggested by PCDA (P) as it would require approval of Hon’ble RM.

5.                 Submitted for kind information.
(Harbans Singh)
Director (Pen/Policy)
JS (ESW) – on election duty

Secretary (ESW)

We confine the main Committee to that which is approved by RM. The main Committee may constitute sub working groups to look into and advise on special aspects. These sub-working groups can be made up of those persons being proposed by Ex-Servicemen’s associations, CGDA etc.
Dir PP

Pl put up draft of composition of main Committee.                            
Sd/----------- 24/4/09
SO (P/P)
D (Pen/Pol)
Reference preceding notes.

2.      A draft is placed opposite as desired, please.            Sd/------------24/4/09

Dir (Pen/Policy)

The draft will be put up for approval of Secy (ESW) on 4.5.09. Meanwhile, we may remind CGDA/PCDA for the base paper immediately.
SO (P/P)

Receipt                                                                                                      41-A

Reference preceding notes and encl 41-A. AFA has been nominated.

2.                An ID note is accordingly, with reference to encl 29-A and note 40 placed opposite for approval, please.  
Sd/---------- 30/4

Dir (Pen/Pol)

                                                          -43 to 45-

Not legible

Reference note 45 ante.

2.      In response to RM’s letter dated 12.3. 2009 (encl 44-B) regarding ‘One Rank One Pension,’ PMO has directed that the proposal may be examined by a Committee headed by Cabinet Secretary with Defence Secretary, Home Secretary, Secretary Personnel, Secretary (Expenditure) and Secretary (ESW) as members. Committee is to be constituted by Cabinet Sectt which may also seek clearance from the Election Commission, if necessary.

3.       Earlier, Hon’ble RM has approved a suggestion vide note 19 ante for constituting a Committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary (ESW) with reps from the office of Def (Fin), PCDA (P), Allahabad, one rep each from the Ex-Services League and DOP&PW. We have already received 4 nominations from the Indian Ex-Services League (encl 30-A), 3 from Air Force Association (encl 41-A), one each from PCDA (P) Allahabad, and Def (Fin). The orders (encl 41-B) for its composition could not be issued for want of nomination from the Deptt of Pensions & Pensioners Welfare, which were requested to expedite the same. However, in view of the latest development, this Committee does not appear to be any longer necessary.         

4.      This file has been requisitioned by the office of the Hon’ble RM. The same is submitted for kind perusal.    
Harbans Singh
Director (Pen/Policy)
PS to RM                      sd/----------- 4/5



Defence Secretary may take up the matter with the Cabinet Secretary for expeditious implementation of the orders of the Prime Minister.
(A K Antony)       Raksha Mantri
                                                                                                          4th May 2009
Def Secy                        Sd/---------------- 4.5.09

AS (A)                           Away on tour
JS (ESW)            DFA Please

Dir (P)                 Sd/----------- 11/5

As desired, draft put up for kind consideration and approval.
JS (ESW)   Draft is put up for approval.                             Sd/----------- 11/5

SS (N)

Draft for kind approval. I feel that para 2 may be deleted there from. May Please like to take a view on that.
Sd/----------- 12/5/09

Defence Secretary                  Sd/----------------- 13/5

SS               JS (ESW)   on election duty           Dir (Pen)                      

- 52, 53 –
Communication to Cabinet Secretariat & Receipt of communication 


The communication dated 14.5.2009 (encl 52-A) sent to the Cabinet Secretary has been returned with the remarks that it has been advised to constitute the Committee after the election process is complete on 18th evening. In the meanwhile, a meeting of members of the Committee has been fixed for 19.5.2009 (AN). 

2.      Some material has been prepared by the undersigned for briefing the members. A copy of the same is placed opposite for kind consideration. The composition of the proposed Committee is available in para 2 of encl 44-A. 

3.       In view of the present development, the Committee ordered to be constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary (ESW) vide note 19 ante appears to have become redundant. It is, therefore, for consideration whether w may inform the Indian Ex-Service League, who has nominated 4 members for the Committee and others who have nominated their reps like Def (Fin), PCDA (P) and DOP & PW of the latest position in this behalf. 
(Harbans Singh)
Director (Pen/Policy)

A brief on ‘One Rank One Pension’ is placed below for the Defence Secretary for the meeting of 19th May, 2009.
Sd/------------- 18/5
SS (N)
Defence Secretary attended the meeting.                                     Sd/------------ 190509

SS (N) – away

Put up the file for SO consideration of para 3 of 54/ante when the Secretary (ESW) is back from tour.                                                  Sd/------------ 20/5

Dir (P)

-58, 59-
Issue and Receipt of documents


Reference note 57 ante.

2.      The undersigned attended the meeting and briefed Mr Kedar, Joint Secretary. A copy each of the background note, giving history of the demand of One Rank One Pension and also the proposal moved by us for bridging the gap between  various categories of pensioners was handed over to him. His Deputy Secretary, Mr Sanjeeb Mishra was also present. They sought some more information regarding calculation of pension of the Commissioned officers as well as PBOR retired at different points of time. A letter in this behalf has been issued to CGDA/PCDA (P), Allahabad as per encl 58-A. They were informed that the report of GoM set up in 2005 did not render any report. From the relevant file, it is observed that after the third and final round of discussion, a record note of proceedings (F/A) along with Cabinet Note (F/B) was prepared. Therefore, we may supply a copy of the proceedings as well as Cabinet Note together with the copy of letter (F/C) issued to implement the decision of the GoM for their perusal.         

3.       We have also received a note dated 19.5.2009 from AS (M) directing to take action  for giving note of the previous history of the issue of One Rank One Pension as well as copies of various reports to Joint Secretary, Cabinet Sectt. It has also been desired that note indicating financial implications of the proposal as well as implementation of One Rank One Pension may be informally sent to Secretary (Exp).    

4.      As regards point (1), the position stands explained vide para 2 of this note. As regards point (2), we may furnish a copy of note (encl 54-A) prepared by us reflecting the financial implication to the tune of Rs 500 crores per annum to the Secretary (Exp). Regarding financial implication on One Rank One Pension, CGDA/PCDA (P) has been asked to furnish the same. They have been requested to furnish the calculation sheets. The same would be furnished to Secretary (Exp)  as soon as possible.   
(Harbans Singh)
Director (Pen/Policy)

Proposals at ‘A’ (para 2) and ‘B’ (para 3) above may kindly be approved.

Secretary (ESW)/SS (N)       - on leave

AS (M)                 Sd/----------------- 20/5


‘A’ and ‘B’ may be provided. CGDA/PCDA (P) may be requested to give details of financial implications of OROP within one week.              Sd/----------- 21/5

Defence Secretary                                                                  Sd/------ 21/5

AS (M)                                                                                    Sd/------- 21/5

JS (ESW)                                                                                Sd/-------- 22/5

Dir (P)


Reference note 62 ante.

A – The pps have been sent to Cab Sectt.

B – The note has been sent to Secy (Exp).

Both ‘A’ and ‘B’ have been sent informally. However the position has been ascertained from the o/o the Secy (Exp). They have confirmed the receipt. As regards information from CGDA/PCDA (P), jt CGDA (P) has informed of having requisite details sent through a messenger today evening. The same will be furnished to Cab Sectt informally.   

JS (ESW) may kindly see for info.                              Sd/------------ 22/5/09
                                                                                      (Harbans Singh)
JS (ESW)            Sd/-------------22/5                         Dir (P)


In response to our communication at encl 58-A, CGDA has furnished point-wise inf sought by Cab Sectt. A copy of the details has been sent to them for perusal vide encl 64-B.

Submitted for kind information.
JS (ESW)            Sd/------------ 27/5
Dir (P)

          Reference note 54 ante.

Orders on the proposal contained in para 3 of the note 54 ante are solicited.
Sd/----------- 27/5
JS (ESW)            Sd/------------ 1/6

SS (N)
In view of N 46-47, para 3 of N 54 is feasible. We will however review the matter internally.                                                                               Sd/------------ 2/6

JS                         Sd---------- 2/6
Dir (P)                 Sd---------- 2/6

Reference Note 66 ante.

2.      A committee was ordered to set us vide Minuts dated 26.03.09 under the Chairmanship of Secretary (ESW) to examine the issue of bridging the gap between pre and post 1.01.06 Armed Forces Pensioners. When the same was being constituted, a communication dated 25.04.09 (encl 44A) was received  from the PMO directing the Cabinet Secretariat to constitute a Committee under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary to examine the issue of one rank one pension. 

3.       Vide Note 54 ante, it was submitted that in view of the present development, the Committee ordered to be constituted under the Chairmanship of Secretary (ESW) appears to have become redundant. Order was sought whether Indian Ex-Services League which nominated members for the said Committee and others be informed of the latest position in this behalf. Again, order was sought vide Note dated 27.05.09. It was minuted to review the matter internally. Note 66 ante refers in this behalf.   

4.      The Committee under the Chairmanship of Cabinet Secretary has had several meetings and has almost finalised its viewpoint on our proposals. The report is likely to be finalised by Friday on 19.06.09. Our proposals to bridge the gaps between pre and post 01.01.06 pensioners have been found acceptable excepting the one to bring pre 01.01.96 commissioned officer pensioners at par with post 01.01.06 commissioned officer pensioners because of its repercussions on the civilian side.      

5.       In view of the position explained above, the Orders are solicited for the status of the Committee ordered to be set up under the Chairpersonship of Secretary (ESW).
(Harbans Singh)
JS (ESW)            Sd/------------ 19/06

Secretary (ESW)

A perusal of RM’s orders at N 19 will recall the case. Subsequently, as indicated in Para 3 of N 67, the constitution of another Committee did not appear necessary. Cabinet Secretary’s Committee is likely to finalise its report very soon. The decision at N 19 therefore, may be reviewed; it may kindly be approved that another committee under the Chairmanship of Secretary (ESW) need not carry out a simultaneous exercise for the time being.   
(Neelam Nath)
Secretary (ESW)
Defence Secretary                  Sd/--------- 19.6.09

Raksha Mantri                       Sd/--------- 19.6.09

Def Secy                                  Sd---------- 19/6/2009
Secy (ESW)                            Sd/---------22/06/09 

JS                                            Sd/--------- 22/6

Dir (P)                                    Sd/-------- 22/6


-69 to 74-

Draft of intimation for disbanding of Committee for approval of Secy (ESW) and subsequent despatch of the orders. 

Encl 75 A

Financial Position OROP (Army Officers and PBOR) from PCDA (P) Allahabad forwarded through CGDA

D (Pen/Policy)

Ref preceding and note 76 A to 79 A

2.      CGDA have forwarded a financial position by and large for commissioned officers (for Army only) and PBOR (for Army only) as received from PCDA (P), Allahabad regarding OROP and related issues.

          In case of Commissioned officer, who retires between 1.1.06 and 31.8.09 financial implication in this regard works out to Rs 15.19 crores and in case of PBOR financial implication w.e.f 1.1.06 to 30.6.08 works out to be Rs 24.3 crores.

3.       CGDA have also forwarded concept paper for ‘Bridging gap between pre and post 1.1.06 Armed Forces Pensioners.’           

4.      This is regarding report of the Committee on OROP. This has already been submitted. May kindly be seen for info and n/a pl.

Submitted please.


Encls 76 to 79 may please be seen. While, as per marginal notings on 78A/79A, these are being processed in PC 1/09/D (Pen/Pol), the inputs given by CGDA in Encls 76A/B may also be perused in the ……. (illegible) effect of delinking 33 years w.e.f 1.1.06 and classified (?) allowances being allowed w.e.f 1.1.06. 

 True Typed Copy/ E & O E

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