Monday, 25 May 2015

Episode II - OROP - The Suspense and Anguish Continues

 More Wolf! Wolf! on OROP

This (25 May 15) morning, Wg Cdr Birdi, the Air Force/MoD's PRO called me up to tell me that the Honourable Prime Minister is likely to announce OROP and would I take a call for an interview from NDTV. 

Wg Cdr Birdi gave me the name of NDTV's reporter and followed it up with a sms to the reporter conveying my mobile numbers.

In preparation of the (in my personal opinion) highly unlikelihood because the PM-elect/PM has made numerous announcements on OROP from the dais at Rewari in September 2013, to the decks of INS Vikramaditya to the towering, glacial altitude (which induces hypoxia and consequent ailments) of Siachen, refreshed my memory on the tables in PCDA (P) Circulars 500 and 501. Then I waited.

I listened to the Honourable PM's speech at Mathura. Every one was mentioned and every one was told how his Govt would bring in the achhe din - the garib, the kisan, the youth with the insurance schemes, the refund of Rs 26000 crores of gratuity etc etc.

 But strikingly and sadly, really sadly, the Jawan was left out. Then the PM departed for New Delhi by helicopter.

And there was no mention of OROP though NDTV still (at 6.26 pm when I last watched the channel) still had the thing scrolling!

P.S: So Honourable Finance Minister was correct! Some more time!! 

Maybe till 7th CPC announces its recommendations? By which time the Govt would have the funds?? Or get its calculations done? Or....


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  1. I did hear that NDTV has scheduled program at 8 PM today Will it still be there or it would go the "Times Now" way ?