Monday, 4 May 2015

OROP - Update & Trivia

Informed sources clarified today 5th May 2015 that Ministry of Finance (MoF) had sent the MoD/OROP file back to MoD for some clarifications.

The file has since been sent back after the necessary clarifications from MoD.

The confusion about the file being sent by MoF to CGDA appears to be misinterpretation of the what Defence Minister is reported to have said at the IFAs Conference at O/o CGDA a few days ago. The Defence Minister is reported to have told the assembled that all issues on OROP have been resolved and the Govt letter would be issued within a week or 10 days. 

Apologies for my putting down what I thought I had heard.

Now to the trivia. In the Finance Bill 2014-15, Budget Estimates (BE) for OROP was shown as Rs 1500 crores but in the Revised Estimates (RE), the amount was removed.

In Finance Bill 2015-16, against Demand No. 24 there is no mention of any amount towards OROP. 

Does this mean the Govt will, if it approves payment of OROP, compel the Armed Forces to surrender Rs 8300 crores (the latest estimate for OROP) from its Capital Budget mentioned in the Finance Bill to pay for OROP?

Does it mean one less Rafale or one less Div in the Mtn Corps or one less MiG-29 for the Vikramaditya?

Also, shocking news is that as per the latest Govt directive, prior IFA sanction is necessary even to spend Re 1/- (Yes, Rupee One only)!!!!

Achhe Din is Good days or Good Noise!


  1. Sir
    it's decentralized reverse mode Administration of India..

    Thomas Manimala

  2. Way of the Indian Bureaucrats to delay/deny the things.

  3. Dear All
    Best way to keep away from BP, Sugar, Etc
    Is to just leave OROP to God.
    Major p j Rao (Retd)

  4. Please go through Gen.S.K.Bahris mail to PM on India of my dreams site .

    1. Sir, with due respect, Lt Gen Bahri (retd) may receive a polite reply that the matter has been referred to Def Secy for his inputs.

      My letter to the PM dated 06 Jun 2014 elicited a 12% response (to one out of 8 aspects) in March 2015. The 7 points still remain for some input.

      My letter to RM of Mar 2015 with scanned copies on the MoD & MoF contradictory replies on making available the Committee of Secretary Report has probably been consigned to a paper shredder or has been filed or is found not worthy of a reply.


  5. Does this mean that CGDA was not involved in preparation of the OROP?

    1. I might be out of date with information/procedure but usually CGDA provides the inputs to FADS, who adds/alters/deletes the inputs and puts up the same to MoD/DESW for onwards movement of the file.

      So, it is either (1) the MoD kept CGDA out of the loop, or (2) MoF/DoE expects some opinion/comment on how CGDA calculated the OROP table.

      But it is weird that file floats up & down though in the Rank Pay case too it floated up and down!

  6. Sir, as you have so nicely explained, files do sometimes go up, down, sideways. That need not be a source of anxiety.

    The real test of sincerity in the implementation of OROP would be how closely the Govt Letter addresses all the items listed in the DGL, un-officially attributed to services HQs, as brought out in your blog post

  7. In the whole cloak and dagger game being played for the elusive OROP a well meaning repost is not out of sync.Its well said 'To err is human and forgive divine'. Our courage to correct all wrong perceptions on notice speaks volumes for the way things should move and not sit over files or through smoke screens with have truths being followed by the powers at helm of affairs. Lets hope the OROP sees the light of the day sooner than later.

  8. The latest on the OROP issue from Nitin Gokahale