Monday, 18 May 2015

Wolf! Wolf! Oops OROP! OROP!

Last evening I received a flurry of calls (even one from Connecticut,USA) citing NDTV and confirmed by BJP sources that OROP has been announced. I reminded them that OROP was announced (1) in Feb 2014 by then Finance Minister, (2) was reiterated by PM-Elect at Rewari, and later PM from the sea to the mountians, also announced in the (3) Parliament in June 2014 as well as (4) Feb 2015 in the Budgets.

Here is what NDTV has reported   

One Rank One Pension Cleared in Principle, PM Modi to Take Final Call: Sources
NEW DELHI: The Centre has in principle cleared the 'One Rank One Pension' scheme for retired armed forces personnel, sources have told NDTV. The government has made a provision for an additional R 8,300 crore for this purpose.

The scheme, which seeks to ensure that a uniform pension is paid to defence personnel who retire at the same rank with the same length of service, irrespective of their date of retirement, has been a long-standing demand of the over 20 lakh ex-servicemen in the country. Majority of Defence personnel hang up their boots much before 60 years. Also, over the years the disparity in the pension drawn by personnel of same rank who retired for instance a decade ago and those who retire now is substantial.

Demand for One Rank One Pension has been an emotive issue with defence pensioners for long. And, between 2008-2010 veterans have on several occasions marched to Rashtrapati Bhavan to return their gallantry medals.

Sources say once Prime Minister Narendra Modi is back on May 19 from his three-nation tour, a final round of discussions will take place with him. The official announcement is likely to be made later this month, coinciding with the first anniversary celebrations of the NDA government.

The government has already made it clear that One Rank One Pension will be implemented with effect from April 1, 2014.

Story First Published: May 17, 2015 18:08 IST
All India | Written by Sudhi Ranjan Sen | Updated: May 17, 2015 19:12 IST One Rank One Pension Cleared in Principle, PM Modi to Take Fin...

P.S: Wasn't it cleared by then PM 'in principle' in Feb 2014 and by the present PM in June 2014 and Feb 2015 before it was announced in Parliament?  If the Parliament has cleared it thrice, then what is the "Cleared in Principle" aspect?


  1. Dear Sir,
    Next News may be..............

    "PM will send to a select committee, further goes to an expert committee, then a seek opinion of service chiefs, a review committee, govt completes 5 yr term. Election code of conduct & no announcement. So Snow ball roll to next house."

  2. With the past record of "no shows", OROP news need to be taken with a pinch of salt.

  3. Sir

    This is the last and final call. now or Never. 7 th cpc is knocking at the door.

    Thomas Manimala

  4. People have voted to power BJP not because of ability of Mr Modi. On contrary the public were fed up with Congress regime and their dirty politics. The congress has ruled this country for a long time than any other party. What they have done for the Defence of the country is known to every one today. No one can damage an institution like defence the way the congress did. They degraded the defence service to that extend that the Forces are very badly demoralised made them unfit for war because they still possess the vintage model tools and equipments with which a soldier can not face enemy who is better equipped and posses very modern arms and ammunition. Our neighbouring countries are far ahead of us in fighting capabilities. They do posses modern sophisticated equipment and weaponary and are in high moral grounds. Our leaders consider defence services as a tool to be used for their conforts and laxury. If need arises they can be sent to any country for rescue operation in case of natural calamities. But they are not happy to do any thing as welfare to serving and retired soldiers. The examples are OROP and vintage time equipment and armoury still in use by defence forces.Please wake up otherwise we all have to repent one day.The defence minister has to become more pro-active rather than giving false statements in the press and fooling public. He keep on changing his own vertion of press statements very often. It gives the feeling that the DM is not serious in making a true statements which demonstrate his incapability in dealing with defence matters.

  5. Dear Friends,
    I am a little bit hopeful. 'cleared in principle' sometimes means all the disparities have been removed and an unanimous decision in this respect has been taken. to give credit to the PM or more to the party it will formally be announced either on 25th or on 26th of this month to commemorate First Anniversary of NaMo in PM's office making it the biggest ever decision in favour of the UNSUNG HEROES OF THIS GREAT NATION. JAI HIND

  6. @Sudesan Narayanan and @RAM KRISHNA DATTA : Your political discourses notwithstanding, OROP was cleared "in principle" many times. There is no harm in waving flags of leaders or political parties, of course, but let us not insult our own intelligence, or try to insult intelligence of others, by attempting to gloss over the totally uncalled for delay so far, as also all the negative traits of the official civilian machinery which continues to work, as unchecked as ever, against interests of veterans and those still in service.

    So give credit to your heroes by all means if you are desperate to do so, but don't befool yourselves over the totally unnecessary delay in the implementation, which, by the way, is still to take place.

    Let us also see what the actual implementation will translate into.