Thursday, 28 May 2015

Episode V - The OROP Reality Show continues

DD News

0815 HRS

28th May, 2015


  • Prime Minister Narendra Modi directs concerned authorities to pay immediate attention to the pension and retirement related issues of ex-servicemen...................


Prime Minister Narendra Modi yesterday chaired his third interaction through the ICT-based, multi-modal platform for Pro-Active Governance and Timely Implementation (PRAGATI). Reviewing the implementation of key issues pertaining to ex-servicemen, he expressed concern at the perceived atmosphere of indifference on issues pertaining to ex-servicemen such as delay in pension and retirement benefits. The Prime Minister directed the concerned authorities to pay more attention to the problems at the earliest.



  1. Earliest implies hurry up slowly in BJP language

  2. Just now NDTV shown the message from DM .He says two to three steps remain & cant give any date for OROP,

  3. The whole story emanates from lack of vision on part of Armed forces leadership not being able to assert their legitimate right to directly advise on all matters affecting their operational and existential aspects .We ignorantly shrunk our role to plain vanila soldiering without being able to procure or process plan or directly strategize our issues directly with political executive .COAS status has been reduced to a laughing stock when He gave an assurance to soldiers that OROP will be implemented by April end . Remember Chiefs and Union Presidents promise to soldiers should be at the level of gospel if their orders are expected to be followed in war with highest commitment by a soldier / officer . I would urge the DM/ PM to not trivialize COAS staus in the eyes of Soldier or the nation . The countries come to severe grief where their do not understand Ethos of Armed Forces . May the right sense prevail among the Politco / Bureaucratic class of our democracy .

  4. "..Timely Implementation.."
    That would've made for a bit of hilarity if the matter had not so tragically been impinging the lives of thousands of veterans, widows and NOK.