Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Misuse and Abuse? Army Shows the way

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  1. This is one audit observation that is self inflicted by the army top brass .Why did Vice Chief issue such an order since there are enough training sorties which takes care of all the requirements of commanders(when Air OP was under AF there were no such stupid regulations
    I remember the time when the arty brigade commander always used a chopper to attend the annual practice camp in Field firing ranges & it was training sortie(before army aviation corps came in to existence).After it came under army even GOC Divs were denied the chopper most of the time
    The only thing CAG should have checked it whether the total number of sorties authorized in an year were exceeded & whether safety violations occurred
    It does show the mind set of senior army officers which gets reflected in all isues
    The more serious CAG audit observation is about diversion of ECHS funds for the serving .Please see