Sunday, 13 December 2015

Please read the 7 CPC Report

Please read the 7 CPC Report & Recommendations, especially where the CPC quotes Joint Services Memorandum of Services HQ in bits and pieces and makes comparison with Civilians (Chapter 6, 8, and 10) before conveying your disappointment. 

Please remember that before the internet became so pervasive (before 6th CPC), not many of us knew the recommendations of MoD on behalf of Defence Forces. Now, the MoD has permitted Services HQ to present the JSM as well as the additional memorandum.

Finally, one CPC recommended 20% increase, the GoI increased it to 40%; another suggested 1.74 and the GoI increased it by 1.86.

So, hope reigns eternal.

Please bear with this post. Soon, you will not have to worry about such "professed" sanity.    


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