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Part III - File notings SNI 1/S/2008 and 2/S/2008

Part III of the disclosures vide Reply No. 35(2)/2017/D (Pay/Services) dated 29 Nov 2017 received on 04 Dec 2017 is in connection with SNI 1 & 2/S/2008 on F No. 1(49)/2008/D (P/S)


          The resolution in respect of officers issued on 30th August 2008 and published in the Gazette as per Encl 1.

2.      The draft Special Navy Instructions have been received from Naval HQ for vetting by Ministry of Defence.

3.       The draft instructions have been checked and appropriate corrections made as per Encl 3A.

4.      In the above context, following issues regarding SNI are submitted:

(a)     The apex Pay Scale of Rs 80, 000/- (Fixed) has been approved for those Lt Generals who could not become Commanders for lack of residual service and these Lt Generals are not to exceed 6 in number at a time.

It is submitted that in the approval of Cabinet received from Ministry of Finance that issue put up to the Cabinet was “Grant of Apex Scale to Lt Generals over looked due to less than 2 years of residual service. Not more than 6 officers to be given this scale at a time.” The same was agreed to and the intended beneficiaries have been shown as “Senior Lt Generals in Armed Forces.”It is, therefore, no clear whether this is applicable for Navy and Air Force and if so whether figure of 6 is for all the three services of 6 each for Army, Navy, Air Force. 


(b)     There is no post of Commodore mentioned in SNI. Instead Captain (Time Scale) in scale of Rs 17,100/- + Stagnation increment + Rank Pay Rs 1600/-, Captain (Time Scale) in scale of Rs 15100-17350 + Rank Pay Rs 1600/-, Captain with less than three years service and Captain with more than three years service.           

(c)     In the VI CPC recommendations (Page 91), there is only Commodore in the scale of Rs 16700-18050 and the same has been indicated in the revised draft. The remaining post indicated such as Captain (Time Scale) in scale Rs 17100 + Stagnation increment + Rank Pay Rs 1600/-, Captain (Time Scale) in scale Rs 15100-17350 + Rank Pay Rs 1600/- etc can be examined separately as has been decided in the case of Army.   

(d)     While indicating the computation table for Captain (IN), who was earlier in the pay scale of Rs 15100-17350/- has been fitted at Rs 42120/- in the Pay Band -4 i.e. Rs 37400-67000/- which effectively means shifting of Pay Band for the Services from Rs 37400-42120/- . While this may be true for existing Colonel as on 01.01.06 but not for those Colonel promoted after 01.01.06 as their pay should be fixed at Rs 37400/-.

Def (Finance) is requested to check the above for necessary corrections and concurrence.



(Shivaji Rao)

Under Secretary (Pay/Services)

Dir (AG)              Sd/---------10/x/08

JS (E)         1.       AS (M) may kindly see.

2.      Def (Finance) may like to concur draft Special Navy Instructions (Officers) as placed opposite.


AS (M)       Sd/------ 11/10/08

Addl FA (S)                   Sd/--------- 11 Oct 08


                             UO note placed opposite after vetting Sd/------- 11/10


Office of the Controller General of Defence Accounts

West Block-V, R K Puram, New Delhi – 110 066 

          Reference: Preceding Notes

          The Draft Special Navy Instruction for revision of Pay based on Government recommendation on 6th Central Pay Commission handed over to ACGDA (AT) on 11.10.2008 has been examined and proposed Draft Special Navy Instruction vetted with following comments:

i)       The existing anomaly in pay and promotion to the rank of Captain (TS) has not been resolved. This issue has already been flagged while vetting the Draft SAI.

ii)      The fixation of pay of officers holding/promoted to higher acting ranks on or after 1.1.2006 will have to be addressed.

          iii)     Pay fixation or re-employed officers also require to be addressed.

iv)     Fitment tables in respect of Naval Officers have been revised keeping in view the comments of Ministry of Finance in the case of Army Officers and are placed opposite. 


(Veena Prasad)


Smt Shobhana Joshi

Jt Secy and Addl FA

UO No. AT/I/1496/Vol-II dated 13.10.2008

Sd/------------------- 13/x/08



Ministry of Defence (Finance)


          Ref preceding notes.

2.      The draft Navy Instructions have been vetted by O/o CGDA. In addition, the following modifications would be necessary in the draft instructions so as to ensure conformity with the amendments approved by MoF in the draft Army Instructions:

·        Definition of Rank Pay would need to be added as per draft SAI vetted by MoF.

·        Definition of Military Service Pay will also need to be modified as per amendments approved by MoF in the draft Army Instructions.

·        In the table under Para 4 (b), the ranks “Captain” and “Commodore” would need to be suitably reflected as “Captain with less than three years service” and “Captain with more than three years service,” respectively, as shown in the existing SNI issued in pursuance of V CPC recommendations.

·        The provisions for grant of Apex Scale of C-in-C/VCNS to Vice Admirals as per Para 4 (b) would need to stipulate “residual service as applicable under the rules” instead of “residual service of two years.”

·        The provisions regarding stipend to Midshipmen/Cadets would also need to be modified in accordance with the revisions provisions approved by MoF in draft Army Instructions.

3.       As mentioned in the preceding notes of O/o CGDA, the revised fitment tables would need to be substituted in place of the existing tables in the draft. Subject to these observations, the draft may be referred to Ministry of Finance for approval.



(A K Gambhir)


JS & Addl FA (S)                   Sd/------------- 13 Oct 08

FA (DS)                         Sd/------------- 13 /10/08


AS (M)                          Sd/------------- 13/x

JS (E)                            Urgent pl             13/10/08

Dir (AG)              We may refer the corrected draft to the MoF for vetting. Sd/------ 14/x/08

JS (E)


Ministry of Defence

(Office of the JS (E/PG)

          Draft special Naval instructions relating to Officers (placed opposite) as has been vetted by O/o CGDA and Defence (Finance) may kindly be vetted by Ministry of Finance before issuance.


(Ajay Tirkey)

Joint Secretary (Estt)

Smt. Madhulika P Sukul

Joint Secretary (Pers) Ministry of Finance, Deptt of Expenditure

MoD ID No. 1/49/2008/D (Pay/Services) dated 14.10.2008


Government of India

Ministry of Finance

Department of Expenditure

Implementation Cell

          Ministry of Defence may please refer to their four files containing Draft Special Instructions relating to implementation of revised pay scales, as approved by the Government for (a) Naval Officers, (b) Naval PBORs, (c) Air Force Officers and (d) Air Force PBORs.

2.      The draft instructions have been perused. Some pencil corrections have been made in the draft, the same may be incorporated in the final version.

2.1.    In the draft SNI, at some places the rank Commodore has been used and at other places, Captain with 3 years of service. This should be reconciled. 

2.2.   Also, it may be ensured before issue of the draft instructions that the amendments suggested in the Army instructions are also reflected mutatis mutandis in the case of Navy and Air Force.


2.3.   Illustrations No. 2 and 3 may be added in SAFI (Officers).

2.4.   For NCEs in Air Force, separate orders may be issued after taking a view on admissibility of MSP to them.

3.       Subject to the above, the four draft instructions mentioned in para 1 above are vetted.

4.      Secretary (E) has seen.


(Alok Saxena)

Director IC

Joint Secretary (E) (Shri Ajay Tirkey) Ministry of Defence, New Delhi

MoF, D/o Expenditure, IC U.O. No. 7.10/4/2008-IC dated 17.10.2008

Encls:         (1)     File No. 1/46/2008-D (P/S)

                   (2)     File No. 1/48/2008-D (P/S)

                   (3)     File No. 1/47/2008 – D (P/S) L/F Air HQ/99141/4/AFPCC

                   (4)     File No. 1/49/2008 – D (P/S) – L/F No. DA/6311


          To be issued today pl. MOF observations are enclosed.


Dir (AG)              Sd/-------- 17/x


          The SNI for officers of Navy for revision of pay etc consequent upon the implementation of VI CPC recommendations has been drafted on the basis of SAI issued earlier. This draft has been vetted by the MoF/DoE, Def (Fin) and the rep of O/o CGDA. We may issue the SNI. JS (E) may kindly sign the SNI/Govt letter.



JS (E)


1.       Special Navy Instructions for officers has been signed and issued.

2.      May also like to kindly see,



AS (M)


Ministry of Defence

1.       Special Navy Instructions for officers has been signed and issued.

2.      May also like to kindly see,




AS (M) Sd/-------- 20/x

Defence Secretary                  Sd/------- 20/x/08

AS (M)



Pl issue to all concerned today itself.                Sd/-------- 20/10/08

Dir AG                 Sd/-------------- 20/10


Issued                  Encl 12/A-B

*        *        *        *        *        *


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