Friday, 22 December 2017

Satyam Ev Jayate - Being Informed is the Best Weapon

There is more misinformation floating around on WhatsApp authored by a Brig xxxxx that pensions of the UK and USA Veterans is 70-75% of their last pay drawn etc. 

The Brig appears to be ignorant that income is deducted from the due pensions in USA i.e. if you are employed after retirement then your annual earning are deducted from the annual pension due and the balance paid as pension. 

For example if your annual pension is Rs 8, 40, 000 (in US$) and you are earning Rs 5, 00, 000 (in US$), you will be paid only Rs 3, 40, 000 as pension in 12 monthly instalments! 

And there are different rates of pensions!

Please check the facts for yourselves so that you are not misled and forward the WhatsApp messages without checking the facts.


For UK Veterans Pensions and Benefits 
Please see these links

For USA Veterans Pensions and Benefits please see this link

Merry Christmas and A Happy, More Informed New Year


  1. Same Indian Govt is doing too. In a classic case with the present paralictic OROP , a brother officer of mine drawing pension of Rs 86,000/- p.m but working for Rs 50,000/- p.m court registry jobs draws nil salary.
    Why work then ?

    1. Sir, if it is a Govt job,the rule used to be that pension plus salary cannot exceed last pay drawn. I am not sure if this rule has changed.