Monday, 24 March 2014

A Short List of Anomalies

The following are the anomalies in the public domain and also stated to have been expressed by the 3 Chiefs in a meeting with RM on 18 Jul 12: -

1.  Fixing common pay scales for all JCOs & ORs and equivalent.

2.  Grant of NFU status to Commissioned Officers.

3.        Correcting differences of Rank Pay of commissioned officers.

4.  Extending HAG+ scale to all Lt Gens and equivalents.
5.  Granting OROP to retired personnel.

6.  Complying with the Apex Court’s order on restoring the deduction of Rank Pay

7.  Removing the 33 years of service requirement for full pension when 90% of service personnel retire with lesser service due to lower retirement ages

8.   Restoring status lowered by AVSC and Bagga Committee

9.  Removing the designation of Service officers as Military Service officers and not as Class ‘A’ officers to deny NFU

10.   Review and enhancement of Grade Pay

11.  Correcting the lowered fixation due to wrong interpretation of Rank Pay

Any one for any more?

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