Saturday, 22 March 2014

Ten Re-Considerations for OROP

Considering Defence Service Regulations and Pension Rules there under,
1.           Should the Reckonable Emoluments be based on highest pay drawn by personnel of each rank, irrespective of pay group with reference to years of Qualifying Service?
2.      Should it be compiled across three services as on 01 Apr 14?
3.   For implementing OROP, if the pension calculated based on these Reckonable Emoluments is more than the pension given in MoD letters dated 17 Jan 13 in respect of Officers/JCOs/ORs, should the pension of all pensioners, irrespective of date of retirement, be increased to the level stated in para 1 above?
 4.           Should all revisions subsequent to 01 Apr 2014 be carried out on 01 July of each year starting 01 Jul 14 instead of date of superannuation/retirement/release, after taking into consideration that the annual increment is admissible on that date to serving personnel and post 1.1.2006 retirees for administrative convenience?
 5.           Should the tables of MoD letter dated 17 Jan 13 be extended for the maximum possible service in each rank and not have an artificial ceiling at 30 years & above being a static figure?
 6.           If the current pension drawn is more than the pension arrived at in the above proposal, should it be protected?
7.           Where revised pension for junior rank is higher than senior rank with same qualifying service, should the pension of senior rank be stepped up at least to the level of the pension for junior rank?
8.           Where the revised pension of a rank at any length of service is lower than the pension of that rank at lower length of service, should the pension of higher length of service be stepped up to the level of the lower length of service of that rank?
9.         Should the linkage with 33 years qualifying service be removed for all pensioners, both past & current pensioners?
10.           For Havildar and below, should the 32 years ceiling for qualifying service be removed and table extended to 33 yrs and beyond upto the maximum possible service for each rank?

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