Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Rank Pay Redux - update

Some good news in the offing about the 2 points - wef 1.1.1986 and applicability to 5th and re-fixation for 6th CPC.

Information that Rank Pay will be paid for the period from 1.1.1996 to 31.12.2005.

Information of fixation for 6th CPC will have to await issue of the amendment/corrigenda.

Issues pending for the opinion of the Ld Attorney General from the original SoC of Service HQ dated 02 Apr 13 are : - First, Did the 4th CPC, as alleged by O/o CGDA in comments dated 23.5.2013, recommend a minimum of pay for each rank (nowhere is that mentioned in the report or subsequent Resolution 9 E of the Govt of India); and Second, as admitted by MoD in additional affidavit et al and confirmed in 6th CPC Report, Rank Pay was carved out of Basic Pay, hence raising the Ceiling to the extent of the Rank Pay.

It is clear Report (in Para 147, 148 and tables thereof etc) of 5th CPC that Rank Pay was/has to be deducted for re-fixation hence there should be no doubt that it has to be added and the Pay scales of Capt to Lt Gen will have to increase.   

A comprehensive SoC was sent by then Chairman CoSC and CAS on 25 Nov 13. It is reportedly with or returned by the Secretary, Law. 

Reply to RTI Request (Ref No. MODEF/R/2014/60822) dated 29 Apr 2014 is awaited.

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