Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Air Force Association - Recommendations for 7th CPC

Courtesy Gp Capt (retd) J K Kaushik, Committee Member AFA and ESM Cell BJP


Retired Personnel

1.       The existing rate of pension fixation as 50% of emoluments last drawn be increased to 75%.

2.       Payment of Income Tax on pension be exempted.

3.       Period for restoration of commuted pension be reduced from existing 15 years to 12 years.

4.       Fixed Medical Allowance be granted to all pensioners.
5.       Pension of regular commissioned officers holding the rank of Fg Offr and Flt Lt should be higher than Hony Rank officers holding the same rank. Due to an anomaly in VIth CPC, both the categories currently draw equal pension.

6.       A fixed percentage of retired WOs/MWOs are granted Hony Rank out of the retired list. Unlike the serving WOs/MWOs who become entitled to draw higher pay and allowances on grant of Hony Rank with consequential pensionery benefits, the retired personnel do not get any financial benefit whatsoever. This imbalance needs to be corrected.

7.       Creation of old age homes for military veterans.

 Serving Personnel

1.       Grant of Non-Functional Upgrade for Commissioned Officers.

2.       Introduction of Time Scale promotion to Warrant Rank personnel. The existing system of selective promotions to continue.

3.       Exemption of income tax on all types of pay and allowances other than Basic Pay, Rank/Grade Pay, MSP and DA.

4.       Introduction of separate and independent pay scales for each rank. The concept of integrated pay scale/pay band by clubbing a number of ranks together may be dispensed with.

Serving and Retired Personnel

1        DA merger with Basic Pay/Pension to be re-introduced on lines similar to those prevailing under Vth CPC.

2.       Revision of Monetary Allowance to Gallantry Medal Recipients.

3.       MSP be authorized at uniform rate for all ranks.

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