Friday, 29 August 2014

For those suggesting more points for discussions with the 7 CPC

Dear Readers,

I have been flooded with suggestions for discussion with 7 CPC after our interactions of 24 & 25 Aug 14. 

7 CPC proposes to visit Leh and Srinagar between 15 and 18 Sep 14 and has invited requests for meeting to be sent to the Secretary 7 CPC by 05 Sep 14 (1700 hours) on the email ID provided on the 7 CPC websites.

Interested ESM may wish to view the website for details and also decide whether they would like to visit Leh or Srinagar to be heard or await further programme of visits and decide where and when they would like to place their viewpoints for consideration of 7 CPC.

Jai Hind 


  1. Sir, it can be seen that the commission has already closed one channel for feedback by shutting this window.

    Suggestions made at informal or formal meetings, to the effect that an online survey could also be a desirable way of obtaining opinions, may be helpful.

    In the meantime, there is, perhaps, a need for all affected to stay focused on pending issues as well as looking for ways to project concerns and views relating to VII CPC, as I'd attempted to summarise in this blog post.

  2. @sunlit,

    Surveys need to be tabulated and there would have been many from different organisations and associations and fora and individuals. Keeping the window open interminably or closing it must have been a well thought out decision.

    This author saw the 7 CPC noting down the points made by our team on 24 & 25 Aug 14 and requesting for documented information (on issue like MoD keeping the "NFU for Armed Forces officers in wait") etc. Sources, who as the cliche goes, wish to remain anonymous because... told this author that the 7 CPC recounted every point made in the interaction after the Tri-Services presentation on 28 Aug 14. It appears that 7 CPC expressed concern over the NFU issue and suggested a certain course of action which would become evident in a day or two at most.

    Thanks to R Adm (retd) O'Leary we discussed at length the issues that would affect issues that affect the majority of Armed Forces personnel - serving & retired - and stuck to those core issues as detailed in the blog post.

    Hopefully, others would also focus on 3 to 5 core issues within the ambit of the 7 CPC's Terms of Reference.

    Till then, let us remain positive for the Chairman of 7 CPC has seen the problems faced by Armed Forces in his tenure at the head of the PB AFT.