Thursday, 28 August 2014

Future of this blog

Dear Readers,

My unconditional apologies for letting my sensitivity to personal attacks get the better of my sanity.

As some of you have sagely advised, one should not expect bouquets all the time, and brickbats do make this a whole and complete world.

In the prequel to removing this blog, I had deleted over 1500 comments, which as a revered reader/commentator @sunlit put, are a sad and irretrievable loss. But the loss, hopefully is only from this blog as the commentators might have preserved their own back-up copies for continuity of their thought processes. Hopefully, they will use the back-up for knowing where things had headed.

I have four issues pending replies from the Govt of India - the Rank Pay case, NFU, OROP and Cases filed by MoD/DESW in opposition to cases ruled in favour of ESM in different judicial fora. 

Replies, as and when received, will be placed on this blog and pursued till closure/finality of judgement is reached.

Thank you for forgiving my sensitivity and thank you for your moral support.          


  1. Thanks a lot , sir, for reconsidering your decision not to close your blog.
    Sqn Ldr C S Gandhi

  2. Sir,
    We understand your feelings and sensitivity to the uncalled for remarks. It pains us too equally but by closing the blog because of few whose contribution to the society is negligible, it will be a breech of trust which the larger cross section of society have in you. Your followers check this blog four to five times a day silently to update themselves and pray for your well being. Wish you revisit the whole issue and consider our appeal.
    Col DS Hoonjan (Retd)

  3. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for deciding to continue your esteemed blog.
    It is a big relief to learn that Aerial View blog would be there till the pending issues see their logical end.

  4. Sir, not only are your initiatives through RTI of unparalleled benefit to AF personnel/retirees, the opportunity to express views as well as to draw attention to related matters on the blog makes it an irreplaceable forum.

    It will always be your discretion to not include comments which are not connected with the subject of any blog post.

    The ultimate discretion is of course to ignore persistently-rude comment makers who do not contribute positively to the subject matter at hand at any given time.

  5. @ all readers,

    Thanks for the support and for ignoring my moment of madness.

    Your support is the encouragement required to place all facts in the public domain.

  6. My 2 paise of encouragement

    There are only two kind of people in this world those who are bad and those who are good, but the world is getting bad not because the bad guys are increasing in number but because of the number of good guys who are not speaking out and resigning to the fact that nothing can be done.

    Same is the case in the fauj, there are two types of fauji's, those who only work for there next rank and those who genuinely want the services to improve. This ratio was 70:30 but the sad part is in the fauj the guys who genuinely want to do good is reducing and those who are only working for there next rank is increasing the current ratio lies at 80:20.

    I am sure one can identify the group one belong too or which group you want to be a part of.

    My aim is that I may not be able to bring about a change as I do not form a part of the decision making but by forwarding my views and views of like minded people I create awareness of an existing problem in the system. Secondly by way of forwarding these views it may reach a person who can make a change or one of the papu's of the person who can bring about a change.

    Negativity only increases my resolve, so lets your views keep coming.

    Hope so there is change and we see better days in the fauj.

  7. Sir
    Your's not not mearly a blog. It is the fight against the injustice. Thanks for continuing it

  8. sir,
    this is heartening to see this blog in action again . the information on this blog has been very informative and authentic .thanks and good wishes./wg cdr h s dogra/

  9. We have received words of wisdom in this blog post as well. Media on the web is not permanent and can be lost due to so many reasons. Where I had provided links to other blogs or web content on my own, very modest, contributions to blogging, I have now linked back up copies instead wherever available. Links to some discussions are, alas, lost.