Tuesday, 29 September 2015

MoD files affidavit that it has complied with Supreme Court Order in Maj Gen S P S Vain Case

Yesterday, 28 Sep 2015, Ms Pinky Anand, ASG is reported to have filed an affidavit that MoD, by its order dated 10 Aug 2015, has complied with the Honourable Supreme Court order in the Maj Gen S P S Vains (retd) case. Please see link below for more details


That nobody has read the order is another matter.

Next hearing is the case is scheduled for 02 Nov 2015.


  1. Mod affidavit and orders on 10 Aug - in secrecy not known to veterans and silence by Maj Gens ,is the point.

  2. The full details would be available on disposal of the case. If not in the actual judgment then in the court record. There'll be nothing "secret" about that. A bit of effort may be required to obtain the information quite legally, but it can be done.

    The same is true of the Rank Pay contempt petition.

    1. Please provide your postal address on my email ID and I will send you 82 pages of affidavits and counters!

  3. I dont know whether such a procedure exists or not.How ever at least in SC & HC all cases should be filed digitally (all one require i a digital certificate) ,so that every thing can be made available online & i do feel that all documents filed in court should be covered by RTI,so that nothing is kept hidden from the public
    I have bee able to access at least the orders of the AP high court .But one is left in the dark on many issues since orders alone do not tell the whole story
    WE cn only only do wistful thinking now.

    1. Please visit the Hon'ble Supreme Court website and you will find that you can file cases on line. Been functioning for the past year or more!

      Click on Court, scroll down to E-filing and you are there!

      Documents filed in Court are under RTI and it should be possible to obtain them when matters are sub - judice unless the Court has specifically ordered 'no disclosure'. Please see Section 8 (1) (b) of RTI Act, 2005 and also read Decision No. CIC /WB/A/2008/00838/SG/1777
      Appeal No. CIC/WB/A/2008/00838/SG.

    2. Thanks for the link.How ever i do find that it is not mandatory.
      If every thing goes online (except classified stuff) it would prevent the 'mai baap' culture of the government
      Imagine the utopian India where every thing can be searched online with out the need to file RTI application.
      All we require is a simple law which states that all information will be electronically searchable & thats all is the requirement for the citizens to have full access to information
      Half the country's problem would go away sine all decisions would be open to public scrutiny
      As the custodian of the constitution ,,hope SC takes the lead & makes e filing mandatory & makes its site searchable & does away with the need of RTI
      Are the Honorable Judges ready for this or as per the usual norm ,every thing will need a push in India
      I also tried to do a free text search for rank pay case in http://judis.nic.in/supremecourt/refsear.aspx
      It returns an error
      Even though RTI is a fundamental right under under Article 19(1) of the Constitution,there are too many pitfalls facing the citizen & the fauzis seem to be the worst sufferers both during service & after(mainly because there is no association )

  4. What will be the waitage of my pension? I had retired Dec- 2005.