Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Finale for 01 Jan 2016

The author has filed the following: -

     First Appeal No. 60078  dated 10.11.2015 in Request No. 60357 dated 20.9.2015 requesting MoD/DESW for a copy of the minutes of meetings with IESM on the OROP issue;

     First Appeal No. 60077 dated 10.11.2015 in Request No. 60374 dated 29.9.2015 requesting a copy of the implementation order and a copy of the affidavit submitted in the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the Maj Gen Vains (retd) case, and 

     Request No. 60434 dated 10.11.2015 for information as defined in Section 2 (f) of the RTI Act, 2005 pertaining to the file(s) notings etc leading to the issue of the implementation order No. 12 (1)/2014/D(Pen/Pol)- Part II dated 07.11.2015 for OROP.

     Besides the payment already made on 06.11.2015 for copies of the Cabinet Secretary Committee (CSC) reports Nos 9 and 12, it is hoped that this will be a fitting finale to my intention of seeking alternate means of keeping myself occupied and leaving this space for others to improve on my disclosures of information obtained under RTI Act, 2005 and opinions expressed (much to the discomfiture of a few).

Hope you enjoyed your Diwali.        

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  1. Queen to D6. The game of chess continues. The babus have issued a notification on orop which ensures that the protest will continue. They dont want to appear to have given in to the demands in a hurry lest other blocs get emboldened to start a protest and demand orop for themselves thinking that its a piece of cake. The babus also dont want to quell the protest before the seventh pay commissions report. This ensures that the focus of armed forces personnel remains on orop and does not shift to other more lucrative aspects like nfu. It appears that orop in full will eventually be acceeded however the timing of that will be determined by many other factors. We probably need to introduce another subject on statecraft in our curriculums at institutions of higher defense studies.