Monday, 30 November 2015

Two Studies Commissioned by 7th Central Pay Commission

On the website of 7th CPC ( are the following studies, too voluminous to reproduce here: -

Study by IDSA on Defence Expenditure & Defence Pensions (about 125 pages + Appendices), and

Study by IIM, Ahmedabad on Comparison of Government Sector vis-a-vis Central Public Sector Undertakings & Private Sector (320 pages).

Happy Reading

(P.S: might also tell  us how much of the vituperation that Shri D K Rai mentioned by Chairman 7 CPC, really deserves).        


  1. The links are (for the pay commission site & downloads)

  2. Sir,
    You are doing a great service to the cause of the ESM/justice/fair play.
    You are a beacon of light for all of us.
    Let us defeat the evil designs of the Babus.
    To supplement/complement your efforts, many esm are also working and blogging.

    Warm regards,

    1. Dear Wing Commander,

      I am doing what I am doing because I was ignorant, I was writing stupid and angry comments not knowing any background information and then I realised that I was only fooling myself. So I started to obtain information and shared it so that others will not be as foolish as I once was (and hope I have improved to the less foolish stage).

      I am not a beacon of light for any one.

      Plenty of information has been obtained and disseminated and it is evident that many have increased their knowledge level from speculation to qualified and authentic information. Now it is for them to build up and decide which way they would like to proceed.

      It does amuse me that we are already discussing the pitfalls for Defence Forces and ESM of the Report & Rec of 7th CPC without knowing 3 things - (1) what did the Services HQ propose (JSM), (2) what did the ESM propose (any written memorandum?) and (3) Has GoI either approved, or amended or improved the Recs or rejected them.

      So what is all this Pay Matrices differences which Satbir emails all, stating you are the expert, in which you indicated Sepoy GP 2000 as Rs 43100 which is at Index 24 and stated that a Civilian will get Rs 47100, which actually is at Index 27 i.e after 3 increments! A look at the Civ Pay matrix shows Rs 43100 at Index 24 for GP 2000!

      Never mind, I should stop worrying about such matters and find something else of interest.

      Best Wishes & adieu