Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Is this what Service HQ proposed

In the interest of Satyam ev Jayate, here are the reported Recommendations by Services HQ for Pay & Allowances (in alphabetical order – well, almost) as per information available. Authenticity will only be available if Services HQ releases the Joint Service Memorandum (JSM), or executes its promise (ref:C/7026/VIIIth PC dated 19 Dec 2014) made in writing through TRIPAS, several months ago to this author, of presentations on the JSM at select locations all over India and invitations to ESM to attend the same. 

S No.
Accommodation -Delinking of Grant of HRA/CILQ from Authorised Married Establishment
CILQ/HRA delinked from AME and the proviso of 25 years of age for grant of married accommodation be reduced to 21 years                
Air Steward  Allowance
Proposed to abolish this allowance and in lieu, the Air Worthiness Certificate Allowance, Aeronautical Technical Allowance and Flight Charge Certificate allowance be extended to these tradesmen mutatis-mutandis
Air Despatch Allowance
Be raised to Rs 960 /- pm. Alternatively, the allowance may be abolished and in lieu Flight Charge Certificate may be authorized to recipients
Acting Allowance/Officiating Pay
Proposed that Acting Allowance be renamed as Officiating Pay and the provisions of SR 33 and 35 be extended to the Defence Forces mutatis- mutandis
Assessor’s Allowance
Proposed that officers posted at SSBs/ Selection Centers be granted Assessor’s Allowance at Rs 8000/- per month        
Boiler Watch Keeping Allowance
Enhance the allowance to Rs. 8000/- for sailors holding Watch Keeping Certificate and Rs 4000/- to those who, although not in possession of the certificate, are still required to work under similar working conditions
Bhutan Compensatory Allowance
At the same rate as Foreign Allowance
Camp Allowance
Admissible to Territorial Army personnel under training. It is proposed to be paid at the rate of 25% of DA as applicable to others
Casualty Pensionary Awards For Cadets
In Case of Invalidment on Medical Ground.

(a)     For 100% disability, Monthly Ex-gratia Disability award be equal to the stipend paid to Cadets. The existing restriction of minimum disability percentage of 20% be removed and Disability award be made commutable.

(b)     Monthly ex-gratia amount be enhanced to 50% of stipend.

(c)     Constant Attendant Allowance be enhanced to Government rates of minimum wages or min total pay plus Dearness Allowance in PB-1 as applicable to Gp ‘C’ employees, whichever is higher, for 100% disability.

In Case of Death. Ex-gratia amount for casualty / death in training be equal to those applicable to a serving soldier.
Classification Allowance
Allowance be renamed as ‘Classification Pay’, as it was prior to 2004, and one increment be granted for each Up-Classification, instead of the current slab rates and DA made applicable on it
Common Pay Scales for In-service JCOs/OR.
Common Pay Scale for all in-service JCOs/OR of the three Services who joined prior to 01 Jan 2006 i.e Group X scale.
Children Education Allowance
(a) Existing rate to be enhanced to Rs 4000/- pm.
(b)     CEA be granted till Post Graduation and extended to children of Ex- Servicemen.
(c)     Hostel Subsidy to be increased to Rs 12000/-
Restoration of Commutation table applicable prior to 6th CPC
Compensation in Lieu of Quarters (CILQ)
(a)  The rates of CILQ be revised upward to restore its edge over HRA as was the case in 5th CPC.

(b) NCs(E) to be given min rate as applicable to JCOs/OR of Gp X.
(c)     CILQ be delinked with the AME
Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance
In view of the proposals regarding uniform related allowances and abolition of Spectacle Allowance, CPMA is proposed at the rate of Rs 750/- pm for JCOs/OR of the three Services                      
Conveyance Allowance
DA be granted on Conveyance Allowance on the lines of Transport Allowance
Counter Insurgency Operations Allowance
(a)     In view of the heightened imminence of risk and danger, the existing rates for Counter Insurgency Allowance (Field) be rationalised, enhanced by four times and granted at par with rates of HAFA Allowance.

(b)     CI Operations Allowance (Modified Field) be rationalised and enhanced four times.

(c)     The CI Operation Allowance (Peace) to continue at same rate as the Field Area Allowance and after rationalization be enhanced four times.

(d)     CI Operations Allowance be made admissible to Static Establishment / Headquarters in the area of operations and personnel of the three Services
Defence Forces Covenant
Be framed by an act of parliament       
Deputation Allowance
Same rates of Deputation Allowance, as applicable to Central Government Employees be extended to Defence Service personnel. The Deputation Allowance should also be extended to personnel posted to Assam Rifles, DRDO and other similar organizations
Disability/ Invalid Pension/ War Injury Pension
(a)     The existing system for grant of disability pension in the Defence Forces be brought in line with civil disability pension system.

(b)     Invalid Pension/Gratuity. All cases of invalidment due to disability neither attributable nor aggravated (NANA) by service, be awarded Disability Pension.

(c)     Disability Pension. Disability Pension be made admissible to personnel on retirement as well as on invalidment as under:-

(i)                     Service Element. Equal to Retiring/Service

       (ii)       Disability Element. 50% of the last drawn
        Reckonable Emoluments for 100% disability and
        reduced pro-rata.

(d)     War Injury  Pension
      (i)         Service Element.  As existing.

      (ii)        War Injury Element.

              (aa)        For Cases Leading to Invalidation.   No change proposed.

              (ab)        For Cases Where Individual is Retained. It should be enhanced to 80% of last drawn reckonable emoluments for 100% disability and reduced pro-rata.

(e)     Disability Pension/War Injury Pension to Pre-2006 Retirees. MoD provision related to admissibility of disability pension to post                                01 Jan 2006 premature retirees be extended to pre 01 Jan 06 retirees as well.

(f)      Provisions regarding Ex-gratia (lump sum) compensation to invalided out Defence personnel be delinked from attributability factor, restriction in terms of minimum disability and age.

(g)     Disability Element be restored after 12 years of award of one time compensation.

(h)     Existing broad-banding be done away with.

(j)      The existing bar regarding minimum disability percentage be removed.

(k)     There should be no restriction in terms of minimum qualifying service to be eligible to earn Disability Pension.

(l)    Clauses of additional old age pension be made applicable to both the elements of disability/war injury pension.
Distinguished Service Awards
Be introduced in accordance with rates proposed by Defence Forces
Educational Concession to Children of Personnel Missing /Disabled/ Killed in Action
(a)     Full Reimbursement of Tuition Fee.
(b)     Full reimbursement of Hostel charge.
(c)     Cost of Books/Stationery -    Rs 4000/- p.a.
(d)     Cost of Uniform -        Rs 6800/- p.a. (Subsequent year Rs 2800/- p.a.)
(e)     Clothing               -        Rs 2000/- p.a.          (Subsequent year Rs 1200/- p.a.)
Enhancement in the Rates of Ex-Gratia Awards Admissible to Next Of Kin
The scope of award of lump sum compensation be extended to all types of deaths in service, conditions of award of Ex-gratia be amended and existing rates be increased four times
Enhancement of Monetary Benefits for Unnat Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal (URSCM) and Raksha Suraksha Corps Medal (RSCM) Award
URSCM. A onetime incentive equal to Long Service and Good Conduct Medal (LSGCM) be given to URSCM awardees.

RSCM. An annuity equal to the amount granted for Meritorious Service Medal (MSM) be given to RSCM awardees
Enhancement in Rates of Constant Attendant Allowance
Constant Attendant Allowance be increased to minimum wages or min total pay + Dearness Allowance in PB-1 as applicable to Gp ‘C’ employees, whichever is higher              
Exemption from Income Tax
The entire amount of all risk related Allowances be exempted from Income Tax
Extra Duty Allowance
Existing rates of Extra Duty Allowance be increased by four times. Further, it is also proposed that this allowance be extended to the other two Services, mutatis-mutandis
Family Accommodation Allowance (FAA)
(a) FAA be extended at minimum rate of HRA to officers not covered by Authorised Married Establishment (AME).

(b)     Rates of FAA for JCOs/OR be increased to lowest HRA admissible
Family Pension
(a)     Ordinary Family Pension. The family pension be enhanced to 40% of the last drawn reckonable emoluments.

(b)     Enhanced Ordinary Family Pension.   The Pension scheme be made admissible for 10 years after death of the individual, both in harness as well as after retirement. In addition, the existing cap of minimum service of seven years for being eligible for this pension be removed.

(c)     Special Family Pension.    Special Family Pension be enhanced to 80% of last drawn reckonable emoluments. No restrictions to be imposed in terms of minimum service rendered.

(d) Liberalised Family Pension.  No change in existing provision.

(e)     Additional Benefits for Widows of Defence Forces Personnel. Widows continue being paid the War Injury / Disability Pension, in addition to the Family Pension, and the family be permitted to commute the War Injury element.

(f)      Minimum Family Pension. The existing minimum Family Pension of Rs 3500 /- pm be revised to 40% of minimum Reckonable Emoluments of Sepoy
Fixed Medical Allowance (FMA)
Be granted as for civilian Central Government employees, to pensioners/family pensioners, who are not covered under ECHS
Flight Operations Allowance
Proposed to pay 1500/- pm as Flight Operations Allowance. Applicable to all three Services
Funeral Allowance
Proposed that the Allowance be enhanced by four times
Good Service/Good Conduct/Badge Pay
At the rate of one increment, at a uniform period of 3 yrs, 6 yrs and 9 yrs for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Good Service/Conduct Badges to the JCOs/OR of the three Services. The status of GCB Pay is required to be restored (to pre 5th CPC state) and considered as pay for all purposes including for encashment of leave
Grant of First Annual Increment on Recruits Pay
(a)            Recruits’ stipend be converted to pay with effect from the first day of training with retrospective effect

(b)           The stipulation of granting next increment from the date of attestation or mustering be done away with.

(c)            The next annual increment be granted retrospectively on 01 Jul of each year after completion of training, subject to fulfilling the conditions for grant of annual increment.

Grant of Second Pension to Defence Security Corps (DSC) Personnel on Completion of 10 Years of Qualifying Service
Reduce qualifying service for second pension from 15 to 10 years, for DSC Personnel with a view to remove the discriminatory application of principle of second pension and bring DSC personnel at par with all second employment holders in other organisations
Hardlying Money
LS & Below                Higher 6000; Lower 4000
PO & Above               Higher 10000; Lower 6000
Officers inc                Higher 16000; Lower 10000
Midshipmen &
Highly Active Field Area Allowance
HAFA be rationalized and enhanced by four times

Headquarters Allowance for JCOs/OR
JCOs/OR posted to MoD, Defence Forces HQ be paid HQ Allowance at following rates:-
(a)     JCOs and equiv   Rs 4000 pm                
(b)     Upto Hav and equiv     Rs 3200 pm
Honorary Ranks and Commission
Pay structure for Hony Commissioned Officers as proposed be granted
House Rent Allowance (HRA)
(a)     HRA to be calculated based on Basic Pay+DA.
(b)     Additional 5% be granted since JCOs/OR are entitled to free water, furniture, electricity, etc.

(c)     Compensation, if entitled status Govt accommodation is not provided.

(d)     HRA be admissible to affected personnel when entitled mess accommodation not provided.

(e)     HRA to be provided to Defence Personnel on allotment of accommodation for a period of seven days, as admissible to Civilian Employees to enable him to shift to Govt accommodation.

(f)      Double HRA provision to be extended.

(g)     HRA to be paid on death/retirement for the same period when service accommodation is permitted to be retained.

(h)     Classification of cities to be reviewed. 

(j)      HRA to be exempted from Income Tax.
Incentive for Select Promotion
5% of pay (BP+GP) be paid upto the rank of Sub Major and equivalent for each select rank promotion
JAG Department Examination Reward
Proposed to abolish this reward and enlist the course in the list of Cat III courses for Qualification Grant
Lateral Movement of Defence Personnel / Representation in Services under the State
a)      Lateral Movement. Lateral movement of Defence Personnel to CAPFs and Defence Civil Organizations as outlined by 6th CPC be implemented

(b)     Representation in Services under the State. Proportional representation to Defence forces personnel be given in Services under the State
Leave Travel Concessions
(a)            Authorisation of Concessional Voucher (Form ‘D’) for Rail travel to Defence Service Officers be increased from six to twelve per year

(b)     For JCOs/OR, the stipulation of travel only between duty station and hometown /selected Place of Residence while utilizing Concessional Voucher (IAFT-1720A) be removed

(c)     Classification of Hometown / All India LTC be removed and all members of family allowed to travel to different leave stations

(iv)    Restriction to travel only by II AC (Rail) on first appointment / ab-initio courses be removed. Also, the cap of 225 kgs for baggage entitlements for the officer proceeding on first appointment be removed

(v)     Cadets from Lakshadweep and Andaman & Nicobar Islands be allowed Air/Sea passage while undergoing training on the mainland               

(vi)    Distance Restriction under TR 180, (grant of additional passage to entitled categories of personnel) be removed

(vii)   Road mileage /taxi reimbursement be admitted for move to Airport/Railway station and back during LTC 

(viii)  Travel by private operator taxi/bus between places not connected by rail be allowed

(ix)    Defence personnel posted to Lakshadweep Islands and in the North East be authorised additional free passage

(x)     Grant an additional passage for personnel belonging to Island territories serving on mainland

(xi)    Naval personnel posted to sea going billets be entitled for an additional passage to home town
Leave Entitlements
a)      Raising of Annual and Entire Service and leave encashment limit    
(b)     Limit of encashment of leave with LTC be increased to 120 days

(c)     Removal of restriction on leave accumulation to be delinked from LTC leave encashment
(d)     Child Care Leave be authorised to male single parent with minor children
Left Wing Extremism (LWE) Risk Allowance
LWE risk allowance be extended mutatis-mutandis to Defence Service personnel     
Military Service Pay to JCOs/OR Equivalent
Rates of 30% of Pay (BP+GP) for Other Ranks (OR), 25% of Pay (BP+GP) for JCOs and 25% of Pay (BP+GP) for NCs(E)
Miscellaneous Provisions
(a)     Moves of Families from One Service Hospital to Another.        The existing provisions available to families of JCOs/OR be extended to families of officers also.
(b)     Evacuation of Dangerously ill /Seriously ill Members of Family. The authority to permit evacuation of the sick families of service personnel requiring life saving surgery by service aircraft/civil aircraft be vested with formation commanders at divisional/area level, and equivalent in Navy and Air Force.
(c)     Conveyance of Relatives of Service Personnel placed on DI List/Attending Funeral of Deceased Personnel.  The provision of TR 161 (A)/TR 161 (B) be modified to incorporate travel by fastest means including air both for onward and return journeys in respect of deceased service personnel to conduct customary social rites of the deceased personnel.

(d)     Authorisation for Travel & Baggage Entitlements: Re-employed Officers.     The travel and baggage entitlements of re-employed officers should be the same as for rank in which retired.

(e)     Option to Use Railway Forms.  Presently, by travelling on railway forms the expenditure incurred by the defence estimates is higher. In the era of internet booking, e-seva, cheap air fare and better road connectivity, the option to use the railway forms must be left to individual’s choice.

(f)      Air Travel for Medical Treatment or Examination or Attendance.  It is proposed that the discretion of mode of travel for those otherwise entitled for air travel on tour, should remain with the individual for such journeys.
Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP)
Grant four financial up-gradations under Modified Assured Career Progression (MACP) scheme for JCOs/OR from 6, 12, 18 and 24 yrs of service
Monetary Allowance For Gallantry Awards
Be increased by four times

Increase of 30% for NC (E)s, ORs; 25% for JCOs; 20% for Lt to Col; 15% for Brigs & above; 70% of the increase for MNS officers
Non Practicing Allowance
Rates as applicable to all Central Government Medical Officers be given
Official Hospitality Grant
(a)     The rates for Official Hospitality Grant (OHG) be at par with Sumptuary Allowance payable to civil personnel.

(b)     The admissibility of OHG be extended to all Officers Commanding a unit /formation/establishment/Squadron/Flight in the Defence Forces at the same rates as admissible to the COs of ships in the ranks of Commodore, Captain and Commanders in the Navy who are currently authorized OHG.

(c)     The OHG be also granted to the appointments in various training establishment posts where Instructional/Training allowance is authorised.
Officiating Pay to JCOs and Equivalent
JCOs and equivalent be granted Officiating Pay,when officiating in posts tenable by officers, as is the case with similarly placed civilians, mutatis-mutandis
Old Age Pension
(a)     Officers.  As applicable to Central Group ‘A’ Officers.

(b)     JCOs/OR.          Existing provisions be amended and made payable to JCOs/OR on attaining 70 years of age as proposed
Other Allowances
Following Allowances are recommended to be enhanced by four times:-
(a) Aeronautical Technical Allowance              
(b) Flight Charge Certificate Allowance
(c) Airworthiness Certificate Allowance
(d) Hydrographic Allowance
(e) Unit and Charge Certificate Allowance

(f) Rewards for Meritorious Service
Outfit Allowance for Officers
OTK – Army & Air Force – Initial 56000; 3 yearly renewable 24000
OTK – Navy – 64000 & 28000
OTK – MNS – 28000 & 6000
MNS officers – Distinctive  Uniform allowance – 1600 pm
KMA – all services – 1600 pm
KMA – MNS – 1600 pm

Parity of Pay and Grade Pay with Civilians
Pay scales of JCOs/OR be reviewed, considering the changes that have been effected on the civil side. The Grade Pay of the JCOs/OR have to be suitably enhanced to bring them at par with civil counterparts to restore the relativity in pay
Partial Funding of Foreign Study
Partial funding of Foreign Study for foreign study programmes as applicable to Group ‘A’ Officers be extended to Defence Services Officers
Pay for NCs(E)
Pay proposal for NCs(E) of the IAF increased as proposed

Pay to DSC Personnel
Good Service Pay. It is recommended that Classification Allowance Pay and GS/GCB Pay should also be granted to NCOs/OR of DSC          (Para 4.1.88).

Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACP.      It is proposed that the benefits of MACP should also be extended to DSC personnel as applicable to all class of Govt employees including Defence Forces personnel.
Pension of Grade of Naib Subedar to Pre 2006 Honorary Naib Subedar
The provision of the Government letter No 1(8)/2008-D(Pen/Pol) dated 12 Jun 2009 be extended to pre 2006 retired Havildars who have been granted Honorary rank of Naib Subedar post retirement
Post Graduate  Allowance
Increase the allowance to Rs 4000/- pm and Rs. 2400/- pm for AMC and ADC officers respectively. Post Graduation Allowance be abolished
Qualification Grant
a)      It is proposed that Qualification Grant be increased four times and extended to JCOs/OR mutatis-mutandis.

(b)     Qualification Grant be extended to Defence Forces Medical Officers on the same terms and conditions as applicable to other officers
Qualification Pay
Be standardised for all branches and recommended at the rates proposed
Rationalisation of Trades
To be upgraded to Group 'X' from the revised Group 'Y' on fulfilling the criteria
Removal of 5% Depression in Pension of TA Personnel
Depression in pension for qualifying service between 15 and 20 years be removed and complete earned pension be made admissible to TA personnel
Retiring/Service Pension
(a)     Increase in Retirement Pension (Para 6.2.8)

(i)      Officers.  As applicable to Civilian Officers.

(ii)     JCOs/OR.  The Service Pension be enhanced to 75% of last drawn reckonable emoluments or alternatively a Compulsory Early Retirement Compensation Package or lump sum amount equivalent to three months of last drawn reckonable emoluments, with Dearness Allowance, for number of years equal to 60 years of age minus actual age of retirement, be provided to JCOs/OR, in addition to the regular pension.

(b)     Minimum Pension. The existing minimum pension of Rs 3500 /- pm be revised to 75% of minimum Reckonable Emoluments of Sepoy                    
Retiring/Service Gratuity
(a)     It is proposed to have full weightages, in the form of number of increments equal to years of weightage restored/enhanced. Existing clause of minimum qualifying service for Death Gratuity be waived off.

(b)     The laid down upper ceiling of Rs 10 lakh be removed and Retirement Gratuity be extended to SSC Officers in addition to the Terminal Gratuity.

Risk & Compensatory Allowances

Under mentioned allowances be increased four times:-
(a)     Siachen Allowance
(b)     Flying Allowance
(c)  Submarine/MARCOS/Chariots
(d) Special Forces  Allowance
(e) Test Pilot Allowance       
(f) Submarine Duty Allowance                                            
(g) Diving Allowance, Dip Money                                        
(e) Para, PJI Allowance                                                        
(f) Free Fall Jump Instructor Allowance                                      
(g) Compensatory Field Area Allowance (after rationalisation)   
(h)     Compensatory Modified Field Area Allowance  (after rationalisation)

(j) High Altitude Area Allowance
Sea Going/Sea Duty Allowance (SGA/SDA) at par with Field Area Allowance (FAA)
(a)     The rates of SGA/SDA be enhanced four times and 12 hour conditionality clause be removed. The allowance be extended to all personnel including Midshipmen and Cadets posted onboard ships.

(b)     All personnel of the Sagar Prahari Bal (SPB) be extended SGA/SDA. In addition, it is proposed that this allowance be extended to the personnel of the Army and IAF when embarked onboard IN Ships.
(c)     Sea Going /Sea Duty Allowance (HAFA) at par with HAFA.

(i)      For all personnel onboard ships involved in operations such as anti-piracy, ELINT, COMINT, HADR, PSM, Force Protection Measures, operating in war zone for evacuation of Indian nationals, deployed for other classified missions, etc.

(ii)     The rates of SGA/SDA (HAFA) to be same as HAFA.

(d)     SGA/SDA (MFAA) at par with MFAA

(i)  For all personnel borne in units providing afloat support.

(ii)  Rates of the SGA/SDA(MFAA) to be at par with MFAA.
Short Hand Allowance
Personnel currently in receipt of the allowance be compensated by grant of Personal Pay at an amount corresponding to the revised rates of the allowance, if it had continued for their current assignment. It is also proposed that it may not be continued for personnel placed in these appointments in future
Special Compensatory Allowances
(a) Common Special Compensatory Allowances to be at identical rates and conditions of admissibility for Civilians Employees as well as Defence Forces Personnel.

(b) Special Duty Allowance (SDA) be made admissible to Defence Forces when not in receipt of field service concessions, while located in areas such as the North East and Ladakh; option to be extended for availing either field service concession or SDA, whichever is beneficial.

(c) Tribal Area Allowance also be authorised when posted to notified tribal areas.

(d) Special Compensatory (Remote Locality) Allowance be made applicable to defence personnel located in certain remote areas where no government office exists, and where they are not in receipt of field service concessions
Specialist Allowance
All AFMS Officers be extended Technical Allowance, Specialist Allowance be abolished
Special Pay
(a)     One increment of existing scale for adopting small family norms, and benefit be doubled to two increments for adoption of small family norms after the birth of only girl child.
(b)     Sports Incentive at the rate of three and two increments respectively, for representation at International and National events.
(c)     One increment as Hindi Pay for JCOs/OR
Spectacle Allowance
Proposed that the allowance be abolished and representational enhancement in the CPMA be given
Status Equations
(a) Higher Grade Pay to JCOs/OR
(b) Higher Grade Pay to Officers
(c) Placing of all Lt Gens in HAG plus Scale and 1/3rd Lt Gens in Apex Scale.
Territorial Army Bounty
Proposed rates are as follows:-

(a)     Officers      -                  Rs 1800/pm
(b)     JCOs          -                  Rs 1200/pm
(c)     OR              -                  Rs   790/pm
Transport Allowance
(a)     Rate and conditions to be uniformly applicable without any distinction of class of city.
(b)     25% of Transport Allowance be granted for officers using official transport corresponding to the CCA component in the Transport Allowance
Travel Entitlements

The Travel Entitlements be continued to admissible at par with civilian Govt official based on Grade Pay

(a)     Permanent Duty Moves.

(i)      Uniform rates be applicable for all class of cities

(ii)     100% Composite Transfer Grant (CTG) be granted to all retiring service personnel subject to conditions

(iii)    One third CTG be allowed in all cases of change of accommodation

(iv)    Additional warrant be provided to Service personnel under Travel Regulations (TR - 67)

(b)     Temporary Duty Moves.

(i)      All Officers be authorised to travel by AC Taxi on Temporary Duty, to be reconciled as per Travel Entitlements listed in Allowances Chapter

(ii)     Daily Allowance when staying under own arrangement on tour be increased

(iii)    Removal of condition of claiming Daily Allowance at “Hotel Rates” or “Stay under own arrangement” as a complete package for particular tour

(iv)    Full Daily Allowance be paid for Temporary duty absence less than 24 hours and exceeding  six hours at  “Hotel Rates” or “Stay under own arrangement”

(v)     Daily allowance at full Hotel rates be admissible while transiting in a railway station/airport whilst proceeding on temporary duty when time between connecting flight /train exceeds six hours

(vi)    Service Tax/ Luxury Tax/ Cess/ Surcharge levied by Hotel/ Restaurant or Hotel/ Food Bill be allowed to be reimbursed to the personnel while on temporary duty over and above the prescribed limit 

(vii)  Baggage allowance of 60 Kg be authorised on temporary duty while travelling by air

Transportation Of Personnel Effects On Transfer
Proposed that a common rate be made applicable for all categories of cities as rates across the country are changed on the basis of distance
Training (Instructional) Allowance
Be granted to personnel posted to training establishments at following rates:- 
(a)     Officers      -        15/30% of BP

(b)     JCOs& Equivalents       - 15/30% of BP

(c)     NCOs& equivalents      - 15/30% of BP
Training Period
(a)     Counting of Last Year in Training Academy as Service.  Provisional commission in the last one year of training and the period to be counted as service for all purposes.

(b)     Stipend to Cadets at NDA and Training Academies.  Grant a stipend of Rs 20000/- per month to cadets undergoing training at NDA and other academies
Uniform Related Allowances (JCOs/OR)
Proposed that these allowances be merged into Composite Personal Maintenance Allowance (CPMA) and the rates be adequately hiked.  Clothing Allowance for personnel of AFLUs be increased four times to Rs 1800/- pm and extended to JCOs/OR of Army and Navy on similar terms of conditions
X Group Pay of JCOs/OR and Equivalent
Be enhanced 4 times to Rs. 5,600/-


  1. Services HQs were rather generous in seeking to place pensions of their own service officers at par with those of civilian officers without seeking some compensation for the early retirement of Lt Cols/Cols/Brigs and unmindful of the fact latter don't have NFU which group A civilian Officers have enjoyed since 2009.

    There is no mention of parity of pensions for older Maj / Lt Col retirees considering they need to be placed at par with present day Lt Col / Col retirees in terms of pension on account of reduction in service years for time bound promotion to the ranks.

    1. Those Majors and Lt Col were forgotten over a period of time in the fight for parity of seniors with their golf partners in civvies.