Monday, 16 November 2015


There is a chain email doing the rounds that RM said "No 7 CPC for ESM", without verifying facts (like reading the Times of India report datelined Wellington and what the RM said about OROP) we are exposing ourselves to being panic masters.

Now for the facts, verified by documents.
The Supreme Court has held in the D S Nakara Vs UoI that pension is a derivative of pay.This opinion has been quoted in Maj Gen Vains, late A N Sachdeva and M N Sharma cases. Please read those judgments to understand the link between pay and pensions. 

The Supreme Court has opined in all those judgments  that a class of pensioners can not be divided into sub-classes unless by logical and rational reasons.


What happens to those who have retired after 01 Jan 2016? Will their pensions be decided in 2019? Or, if we believe the chain email, will they get no pensions - because they have retired after 01 Jan 2016, in the term of the 7 CPC?


Pay Commission recommendations are effective the date accepted by GoI. If traditional parities between serving and retired Defence Forces and civilians have to be maintained then the pay scale/band recommended by 7 CPC and approved by the GoI for civilian employees and retirees will have to be implemented from the same date for all classes of Central Govt services, which includes Defence Forces.


If pay scales/bands are implemented, then pension being a derivative of the pay, will also become effective from the same date as the pay scale/band, unless MoD alone decides to practice discrimination between serving personnel and ESM.

Fifth , a simple reading of the chronology (available elsewhere on Aerial View) indicates

1. OROP was approved by GoI on 17 Feb 2014,

2.  MoD issued orders for implementation on 26 Feb 2014.

3. Seventh CPC was notified and gazette notification for its constitution was issued on 28 Feb 2014,

3. Para 2 (b) of the ToR of 7 CPC related to Defence Forces personnel, serving and retired, does not mention OROP,

4. MoD referred issues of Cabinet Secretary Committee to 7 CPC in Jul 2014 but did not include OROP because the Govt had approved OROP,

And finally to the mis-informers (cannot use a harsher description) -

Enhanced/improved pension orders (Circulars 500 and 501) were issued on 17 Jan 2013. If that 5 year "red herring" will now be applied, then, why does the Terms of Reference of 7 CPC dated 28 Feb 2014, have Para 2(b) dealing even with retired personnel of the Armed Forces?

Why not 2018 Or 2019 and not 2020 because enhancement of pension (Circulars stated above), effective date (Circular 547 and 548) and OROP's implementation order are dated 17 Jan 2013, 03 Sep 2015 and 07 Nov 2015 respectively?

Some people are exposing their ignorance and creating avoidable disaffection among ESM.


  1. Information is best weapon - that being the basis of this blog ,there is little scope to profess individuals views only , without publishing contrary views .It is only one sided views.
    E mails go on and on .recipients are intellegent enough to see truth .
    Even ordinary citizens understand national and other issues ,very clearly ; as reflected in recent Bihar elections.
    Pse do give that much credit to veterans who have lived and worked for decades.
    Let nobody presume ,that ,veterans can be influenced by some sort of biased interpretations ( visible ) and views.

    1. The objective of moderation on this blog is to keep the comments focused on the post and not to allow rambling, unconnected narratives. For example: "Bihar elections" (political) and "veterans who have lived and worked for decades" (not political) have no connection with the material posted here. And also those who copy paste from this blog without a word of acknowledging the source.

  2. Sir, I am very much in agreement with you that rambling and unconnected comments should not be published as they distract the discerning reader. In the past you have published @bala's comments. I have read many of the @bala comments and find that they are more reflective of the urge/need to see one's name rather than inform based on facts and documents.

  3. Hi all,
    Just a disclaimer. I , Col NK Balakrishnsn (Retd) , ex Maratha LI and now settled down at Kochi has been posting mails and comments regularly in many forums in the internet under the name "BAL". now, I find comments of another Bala . That is perfectly OK in today's over crowded world. Bu, this is just to clarify that the Bala of the comments above , should NOT be confused with THIS Bala, since I do not agree with the views expressed by THAT Bala!.

  4. Lots of balas.identities can be mistaken.ibid bala is from Army ,signals ,1962 batch of co ( com offr ).
    My comments / views are simply on those issues and in pursuit of veteran interests.any other perception is not intended and can be over looked.
    Now,as we are entering arena of tables ,7 CPC and those rumblings between IAS ,IPS ,GP -A ....etc services of GOI , it is time to be united .we can concentrate and complement efforts on common issues and not bog down on differing perceptions.
    Radio transmissions and antennas do catch signals - in this , the proximity and resonance
    Of views with in 4 minutes from 1334 to 1338 on 17 Nov 2015 is visible.
    Both intellect and intelligence of visitors to this blog will ultimately emerge.

    1. Sir,

      May I request use of simple language so that we may understand what you are alluding to? And in what was is re-production of a post on RMS blog without courtesy of an ack/source to do with what you have written?