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Relevant Portions of IAF’s Remedy of 2013 to No Funeral Allowance

Relevant Portions of IAF’s Remedy to No Funeral Allowance

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Air HQ/99706/Org (Cer)                                                               26 Mar 13

HQ Command (For SOA/SAASO)    



1.         IAF has adequate welfare measures in place to support the NoK of deceased Air Veterans. However, no scheme exists to carry out the last rites of Air Veterans in a dignified manner.


2.         The scheme would be applicable to all Air veterans i.e. Officers, Airmen and NCs(E) who are authorised a canteen card/PPO.

The Procedure

3.         The NoK are expected to inform the news of demise to SWO/Adjt/A Adm O. On receipt of information of the demise of an Air Veteran, the nearest Air Force Station (under whose municipal limits the funeral is planned) is to detail a representative of appropriate seniority (same or one rank lower). The detailed representative shall: -

            (a)       Contact the family of the deceased to ascertain funeral details.

            (b)       Inform the AOC/Stn Cdr about the funeral plans.

(c)       AOC/Stn Cdr is to ensure that the detailed representative is accompanied by adequate number of personnel, attend the funeral, drape the coffin/bier with IAF Ensign and lay a wreath on behalf of the CAS. Before the cremation/burial, the IAF Ensign is to be removed, correctly folded and handed over to the NoK (if so desired) or otherwise brought back to the Stn/Unit. 

(d)       The nearest Air Force Station (within municipal limits) is also to provide a grant of Rs 7500/- from SI for the funeral arrangements to the NoK. Amount would be subsequently  reimburses to the SI by IAFBA.

(e)       In cases where the funeral is planned in fringes near the municipal limits of the nearest Air Force Stations, the AOC/Stn is the final authority to decide on the details of assistance to be provided depending on availability of resources at the Station.

(f)        In cases of funeral planned outside the municipal limits of the nearest AF Station, the NoK is to seek the grant of Rs 7500/- directly from IAFBA. All such claims shall be duly supported by the following documents: - 

                        (i)        A written information of death by the widow/NoK.

(ii)       A copy of PPO/cory of URC card duly attested by a gazetted officer/sarpanch etc.

(iii)      A copy of death certificate duly attested by a gazetted officer/sarpanch of the Village Panchayat, as applicable.

4.         The OIC Samvedna Cell (Adjt) and SWO of the Stn/Unit would ensure that the procedure as mentioned is correctly followed. OIC Samvedna Cell (Adjt) is to intimate by signal the demise of Air Veteran to the Dte of Air Veterans and IAFBA………………………..

Air Vice Marshal
ACAS (Org & C)

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