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50(1)/IC/97 -- Resolution Fifth Pay Commission

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The Fifth Central Pay Commission was set up by the Government of India by Resolution No. 5(12)/E. III/93 dated 9th April, 1994 as amended by Resolution No. 5(12)/E. III/93 dated 12th January, 1995, No. 5(12)/E. III/93 dated 17th July, 1996, No. 5(12)/E, III/93 dated 24th October, 1996 and No. 5(12)/E. III/93 dated 19th November, 1996. The
Commission submitted on the 30th January, 1997, its Report relating to structure of emoluments, allowances, conditions of service and retirement benefits of Central Government employees including Union Territories, members of All India Services and personnel belonging to the Armed Forces.

The Commission also submitted its Supplementary Report No. 1 on Improving the Motivation Level and Supplementary Report No. 2 on Cabinet Secretariat on 28th February, 1997. The Government have given careful consideration to the recommendations of the Commission in respect of civilian employees of the Central Government in Groups 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D', as also those in the All India Services and have decided that the recommendations of the Commission in respect of these categories of Central Government employees and All India Services shall be accepted broadly subject to the modifications mentioned below:--
(i) The following six scales of pay (S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, S-5 and S-13 grades), recommended by the Commission will be improved and the revised pay scales for these grades will be as below:

Recommended by the Commission As modified by the Government
Grade S-l: Rs 2440-40-3200 Rs 2550-55-2660-60-3200
Grade S-2: Rs 2550-45-3540 Rs 2610-60-3150-65-3540
Grade S-3: Rs 2650-50-4000 Rs 2650-65-3300-70-4000
Grade S-4: Rs 2750-55-4400 Rs 2750-70-3800-75-4400
Grade S-5: Rs 3050-70-4590 Rs 3050-75-3950-80-4590
Grade S-13: Rs 7000-225- 11500 Rs 7450-225-11500

(II) With regard to fixation of pay in the revised scales, the percentage of pre-revised basic pay to be added as fitment shall be 40% as against 20% recommended by the Fifth Central Pay Commission. The other recommendation of the Commission in this regard including the recommendation of one increment as a result of "bunching" (for the fifth stage) has been accepted; however, the fixation shall be made in the manner that every employee will get at least one increment in the revised scale of pay for every three increments in the pre-revised scale of pay,

2. The recommendations of the Commission in regard to pay scales of Motormen/ Engine Drivers, Diesel Assistants in the Ministry of Railways, Engineering Assistants in the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Senior Auditors and Accountants in various Accounting Organizations, Junior Telecom Officers of Ministry of Communication and the upgradation of the entry level posts in DANICS/DANIPS have been referred to a Committee of Secretaries for examination through Fast Track Mechanism. The matter is under consideration of the Committee and separate Orders will be issued in respect of these categories, pending which normal replacement scales will apply.

3. The recommendations of the Commission for revised pay scale S-14 shall not be operative for CSS and also for other Services where the Cadre Controlling Authority does not deem it necessary.

4. The Commission's recommendations and Government decision thereon with regard to revised scales of pay and dearness allowance for civilian employees of the Central Government and personnel of the All India Services as detailed in the Part A of the Annexure shall be made effective from 1-1-1996.

5. The revised allowances, other than dearness allowance, will be effective from 1st day of August, 1997,

6. The Commission's recommendation regarding payment of arrears has been modified to the extent that the arrears would be paid in cash with the stipulation that where the amount of arrears is less than Rs 5000, it should be paid in one instalment and where it is in excess of Rs 5000, it should be paid in two instalments; in the first instalment payment should be restricted to Rs 5000 plus fifty per cent of the balance amount of arrears,

7. In respect of personnel of Central Police Organisations, in the rank from Constable to Subedar Major, Ministry of Home Affairs will carry out an exercise for rationalisation of ranks so as to achieve parity with Delhi Police, pending which the scales recommended by the Fifth CPC will be applied.

8. Department specific recommendations which are not included in this Resolution shall be processed by the concerned Department/Ministry and approvals of the Government obtained in consultation with the Ministry of Finance and/or Department of Personnel and Training.

9. The decisions of the Government on the recommendations of the Commission relating to other matters in respect of Civilian employees of the Central Government belonging to Groups 'A', 'B', 'C and 'D' are indicated in Column 3 of Part B of the statement annexed to this Resolution. In regard to the All India Services, appropriate action will be taken by the Cadre Controlling Authorities of these Services to give effect to the decisions on these matters as may be applicable to them.

10. The other recommendations of general nature made by the Commission which are not included in the Annexure are being examined by the Government and decisions thereon will be notified separately.

11. The Government of India wish to place on record their appreciation of the work done by the Commission.


Ordered that the Resolution be published in the Gazette of India, Extraordinary.
Ordered that a copy of the Resolution be communicated to the Ministries/Departments of the Government of India, State Governments, Administrations of Union Territories and all others concerned.

Statement showing the recommendations of the Fifth Central Pay Commission on pay and Dearness Allowance relating to Civilian employees in Groups 'A', 'B', 'C' and 'D' and personnel of All India Services and Government's decisions thereon. (References to Chapters and paragraphs in the Statement are to the Pay Commission's Report.)
Recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission Decision of the Government
(1)                                  (2)                                            (3)
(i) The Commission has recommended the following revised    Accepted subject to following
scales for Civilian Central Government Employees                  modifications :(i) Scales at S-l
                                                                                         to S-5 and S-13 shall be  
                                                                                          Modified as under:
Existing Scales of Pay  Grades  Revised Scales of Pay               

1. 750-12-870-14-940    S-1         2440-40-3200           S-1     2550-55-2660-60-3200               
2. 775-12-871-14-1025   S-2         2550-45-3540          S-2      2610-60-3150-65-3540

3. 800-15-1010-20-1150  S-3        2650-50-4000          S-3 2650-65-3300-70-4000

4. 825-15-900-20-1200    S-4        2750-55-4400          S-4      2750-70-3800-75-4000

5. 950-20-1150-25-1400   S-5       3050-70-4590          S-5     3050-75-3950-80-4590

6. 975-25-1150-30-1540     S-6     3200-85-4900

7. 1200-30-1440-30-1800    S-7     4000-100-6000

8. 1350-30-1440-40-1800- S-8     4500-125-7000

9. 1400-40-1600-50-2300- S-9     5000-150-8000

10. 1640-60-2600-75-2900 S-10    5500-175-9000

11. 2000-60-2120              S-ll     6500-200-6900

12. 2000-60-2300-75-3200 S-12    6500-200-10500

13. 2375-75-3200-100-3500 S-13 7000-225-11500          S-13 7450-225-11500

14. 2500-4000 (proposed     S-14 7500-250-12000
new pre-revised scale)

15. 2200-75-2800-100-4000 S-15 8000-275-13500

16. 2630/- FIXED               S-16   9000/- FIXED

17. 2630-75-2780              S-17 9000-275-9550

18. 3150-100-3350            S-18 10325-325-10975

19. 3000-125-3625            S-19 10000-325-15200

20. 3200-100-3700-125-4700 S-20 10650-325-15850

21. 3700-150-4450             S-21 12000-375-16500

22. 3950-125-4700-150-5000  S-22 12750-375-16500

23. 3700-125-4950-150-5700 S-23 12000-375-18000

24. 4100-125-4850-150-5300 S-24 14300-400-18300

25. 4800-150-5700              S-25 15100-400-18300

26. 5100-150-5700              S-26 16400-450-20000
5100-150-5700-200- 6300

27. 5100-150-6300-200-6700 S-27 16400-450-20900

28. 4500-150-5700-200-7300 S-28 14300-450-22400

29. 5900-200-6700                S-29 18400-500-22400

30. 7300-100-7600                 S-30 22400-525-24500
31. 7300-200-7500-250-8000   S-31 22400-600-26000

32. 7600/- FIXED                     S-32 24050-650-26000

33. 8000/- FIXED                     S-33 26000/- FIXED

34. 9000/- FIXED                     S-34 30000/- FIXED

(Chapter 43, Annexure43.1)
(II) Pay Scales of All India Services

Recommendations of the Pay Commission.            Accepted, Relevant Orders shall be issued by the respective cadre controlling authorities. However, upgradation of individual posts will be considered separately.

(III) Pay Scales of Central Group 'A' Services Pay scales recommended by the Pay Commission,
Accepted. Relevant Orders shall be issued by the respective cadre controlling authorities. However, upgradation of individual posts will be considered separately.

(IV) In the event of any Central Government post being left out without allotment of revised pay scales in the Report, it should be given the commensurate revised scale of pay as applicable for posts with similar entry qualifications, duties, and responsibilities, duly retaining the horizontal and vertical relativities in the organisation. (Chapter 168, Para 168.3).                                                    Accepted.

(V) Revised pay scales should be given effect from 1-1-1996, at the 12-monthly AICPI average of 1510 (1960=100). (Chapter 170, Para 170.3)

(VI) The pay of employees may be fixed in the proposed  scales of pay in the manner laid down in Para 169.2 of the Report. (Chapter 169)
Accepted with the modification that the percentage of pre-revised basic pay to be added as fitment shall be 40% as against 20% and the fixation shall be made in the manner that every employee will get at least one increment in the revised scale of pay for every three increments in the pre-revised scale of pay. Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 1997 are being issued separately.

(i) The inflation neutralisation may be made uniform @ 100% at all levels. (Chapter 105, para 105.9)                                                           Accepted.

(ii) The All India Consumer Price Index for Industrial Workers [AICPI (IW)] may continue to be the index that may be used for calculating Dearness Allowance for Government Employees. The AICPI (IW) Series with base 1982 may be used henceforth for the purpose of calculating Dearness Allowance as against the existing practice of using AICPI (IW) Series with 1960 as the base. (Chapter 105, Para 105.9) Accepted.

(iii) The existing practice of using 12 monthly average of AICPI for calculating Dearness Allowance may continue. (Chapter 105, Para 105.10).       Accepted.

(iv) Dearness Allowance (including Dearness Pay) should be       paid net of taxes. (Chapter 105, Para 105.12)                                                          Not accepted.

(v) Dearness Allowance should be given effect from 1-1-1996, at the 12-monthly AICPI average of 1510 (1960=100). (Chapter 170, Para 170.3). Accepted. Note: The instalment of
Dearness Allowance sanctioned from 1-7-1996 onwards will be adjusted against the DA payable under revised formula/arrears on account of revision of pay scales.

3. Non-Practising Allowance (NPA) The slab system of granting non-practising allowance to Doctors may be dispensed with and NPA be granted at a uniform rate of 25% of the basic pay subject to the condition that the pay plus NPA does not exceed Rs 29500. (Chapter 52,
Para 16).                                                       Accepted.

Sl.No. Recommendations of the Fifth Pay Commission Decision of the Government
(1)                         (2)                                  (3)
(i) CCA may be paid to Government employees in the
various pay ranges at the fixed rates mentioned below    Accepted.

Basic Pay (Rs) (Pre-revised)                    A-1     A        B-1     B-2
750-1000                                             90      65      45      25
1001-1500                                           125     95      65      35
1501-2000                                           200     150     100     65
2001 and above                                    300     240     180     120
(Chapter 106, Para 106.10)

(i) The following classification of cities and towns based on population criterion is recommended:                                                     Accepted.
Population Classification
50 lakhs and above                      A-1
20-50 lakhs                                 A
10-20 lakhs                                 B-1
05-10 lakhs                                 B-2
50,000 to 5 lakhs                         C
Below 50,000                     Unclassified
(Chapter 112, paragraph 112.40)
(ii) The existing concept of special orders with regard to  classification of certain cities and towns due to their peculiar features in addition to population criterion should also continue. (Chapter 112, paragraph 112.41)                                Accepted.

(iii) The following rates of House Rent Allowance have been recommended :
Revised                   Proposed                 Classification of Cities and Towns
on Population Criterion
50 lakhs and above A-1                          30% of the maximum of the pay scale
20-50 lakhs] A                                      ] 15% of the
10-20 lakhs] B-1                                   ] maximum of
05- 10 lakhs] B-2                                  ] the pay scale

50,000 to 5 lakhs C                                7.5% of the maximum of the pay scale
Below 50,000 Unclassified                        5% of the maximum of the pay scale
(Chapter 11 2, paragraph 112.48)             Accepted, subject to the modification that the quantum of allowance will be linked to the actual pay drawn instead of the maximum of the scale.

(iv) All those employees who reside in contiguous  agglomerations around cities/towns where Government          Officers are located may be granted House Rent Allowance at the rates of cities and towns where their work place is located. (Chapter 112, paragraph 112.49).

(v) For personnel in Central Police Organisations where a specified authorised strength is entitled to either rent free accommodation or Compensation in Lieu of Quarters (CILQ), the authorised strength who have not been provided with married accommodation be granted CILQ irrespective of whether the family is residing at duty station or not. The rates of CILQ be revised according to revised rates of HRA and licence fee. (Chapter 112, paragraph
112.68).                                                                  Accepted.

The Executives, Supervisors and Supporting Staff and Auxiliary Staff may be given Transport Allowance at the monthly rates of Rs 800, Rs 400 and Rs 100 respectively in
places classified as A-1 an A cities. In all other places Transport Allowance at the rate of Rs 400 for Executives, Rs 200 for Supervisors and Rs 15 for Supporting and Auxiliary
Staff may be granted. (Chapter 107, Para 107.13) Accepted with the modification that those employees who are provided with Government accommodation within a distance of one Km from the place of duty or within a campus housing the places of work and residence and those employees who are provided with the facility of Government transport shall not be paid the allowance. Pending finalisation of the proposed classification of employees by the Government the quantum of allowance shall be granted as per the analogous pay scales for these classes of employees.

All Executives, of and above the rank of Deputy Secretary and equivalent may be provided with a Residential Telephone Attendant. The tenure of the Attendant would be con-terminus with that of the officer. The Attendant will not have the status of a Government employee and will be recruited directly by the entitled officer, with only the salary of such Attendants at a fixed rate of Rs 1500 per month being borne by the Government. (Chapter 106, Para
106.33)                                                         Not accepted.

Status quo in respect of this allowance should be maintained. This allowance should be given to non-gazetted personnel of CISF and RPF also and the present ration subsidy and Food packet Allowance should stand merged in Ration Money Allowance. For gazetted ranks, this allowance may be made applicable to the gazetted officers of the BSF only up to the rank of Battalion Commander where they are actually deployed on the Border (including the Line of Actual Control). (Chapter 70, Para 70.29)

Accepted with the modification that the Ministry of Home Affairs may review the scale of rations to entitled personnel working in difficult areas/ hazardous conditions alongside army personnel.

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