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The Resolution 9 E - Fourth Pay Commission

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New Delhi the 18th March 1987
27th Plaguna 1908 (Saka)


No. 9E. The decision of the Government of India on the recommendations of the Fourth Pay Commission relating to personnel[2]  below officer rank of the armed Forces were notified in the Ministry of Defence Resolution NO.1-E dated 4th October, 1986. Government have now given careful consideration to the recommendations of the Commission relating to structure of emoluments and allowances of commissioned Officers and have decided that recommendations of the Commissions in respect of these shall be accepted broadly, subject to the modifications mentioned below: -

I.                    Pay Scales
(i)     Integrated pay scale for officers upto the rank of Brigadiers (including AMC, ADC and RVC officers but excluding Military Nursing service officers) and equivalent in the Navy[3] and the Air Force would be Rs. 2300=100-3900-150-4200-EB-150-5100. In addition to pay in the integrated scale, rank pays will be admissible as under:

Rank                                                               Amount of Rank Pay

Captain and equivalent                                             200
Major and equivalent                                                            600

Lt Col (Selection) and equivalent                             800

Colonel and equivalent                                           1000

Brigadier and equivalent                                         1200
(ii)               Officers commissioned in the AMC as Lieutenants will start at the stage of Rs 2000/- those appointed as captains will start at Rs 3700/-, Officers Commissioned as Lieutenants in ADC and RVD will start at Rs 2600/-.

(iii)             [4]Lt Gens & equivalent Rs 7300-100-7600

(iv)              MNS officers[5] up to rank of Colonel will have an integrated pay scale of Rs. 2200-100-4200-EB-100-4500. Degree holders in Nursing will start at the stage of Rs 2300/- and Diploma holders will start at Rs 2200/- pay scale of Brigadier will be Rs 4600-100-5000 and that of Maj General will be 5100-150-5700. There will be no rank pay for MNS officers.

II.                  Recommendations relating to other matters.

(i)                 It has been decided to extend the scheme of stagnation increment, recommended by Pay Commission, to officers of the Defence Services maximum of whose pay scale does not exceed Rs 6700/- in the revised scale, subject to certain conditions.

(ii)               The recommendations of the Commission relating to fixation of pay, grant of allowance, date of effect, etc shall be accepted broadly after extending, wherever applicable to service officers, the improvements which have been accepted in regard to personnel below officer rank.

2. IN view of the need for containing inflationary trends, Government hope that service officers will voluntarily make a special deposit, of the arrears of pay on account of the above decisions for the period beyond March 1986, also in their provident fund account.

3. The decisions taken by the Government accordingly on the various recommendations of the Commission in respect of service officers are indicated in the statement annexed to this Resolution.

4. The recommendations made by the Commission, which are not included in the Annexure are being examined by the Government ad decisions thereon will be notified separately.

V.R. Bahadur
Joint Secretary to the Government fo India

Ordered that the Resolution be published in the Gazette of India Extraordinary.

Ordered also that a copy of the resolution be communicated to:

1. Army Headquarters
2. Naval Headquarters
3. Air Headquarters
4. Pay Commission Cells of Army, Naval and Air HQ
5. Controller General of Defence Accounts and all controllers of Defence accounts
6. Director of Audit, defence Services
7. Director of Public Relations, Ministry of Defence
8. Finance Division of Ministry of Defence
9. Implementation cell of Ministry of Finance (Deptt of Expenditure)
10. Fourth Central Pay Commission
11.  All Others concerned
V.R. Bahadur
Joint Secretary to the Government fo India

[1] Original spelling was “RESOLUATION”
[2] Originally typed as “personal”
[3] Originally spelt as “Nay”
[4] Please note there is no mention of Maj Gens and equivalents
[5] Originally spelt as “offices”

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