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And now from SAI/2/2008 - 6th CPC

Definitions in SAI 2/S/2008

Para 3. Definitions in the instructions unless the context otherwise requires: -

(a)   Existing Basic Pay” means pay drawn in the prescribed existing pay scale of the rank, including stagnation increment(s), but does not include any type of pay like special pay etc. Basic pay does not include Flying Qualification Pay/Allowance, Technical Allowance, personal pay or any other special pay.

(b)   Rank Pay” means the Rank Pay admissible to commissioned officers of the three services.

(c)    Existing Scale” in relation to an officer means the present scale applicable to the rank held by the officer as on 01.01.2006 in the substantive capacity.

Explanation: -   In the case of an officer, who was on 1st January 2006 on deputation (out of Indian Army) or on leave or on foreign service or who would have on that date officiated in one or more lower posts but for his officiating in a higher post, “existing scale” included the scale applicable to the post which he would have held but for being on deputation out of the Indian Army or on leave or on foreign service or as the case may be, but for his officiating in that post.

(d)   Existing emoluments” the sum of (i) existing Basic Pay, (ii) rank pay, (iii) Dearness Pay appropriate to the Basic Pay and Rank Pay, and (iv) Dearness Allowance appropriate to the Basic Pay + Dearness Pay plus Rank pay at index average 538 (1982=100)……………..

Para 4. ………… (ii) Lieutenant generals who are fit for promotion as Army Commanders but overlooked due to lack of residual service of two years will be granted scale of Army Commanders (Rs 80000 - fixed) on non-functional basis. This non-functional upgradation will not count for other benefits. AHQ in consultation with Ministry of Defence will issue detailed guidelines to be followed for granting such non-functional upgradation.  

Para 7. Fixation of Initial Pay in the Revised Pay Structure……………

               (i) The pay in the relevant pay band/pay scale will be determined by multiplying the existing basic pay and rank pay as on 01 Jan 2006 by a factor of 1.86 and rounding off the resultant figure to the next multiple of Rs 10.

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