Thursday, 20 November 2014

How Soon Will MoF Amend Terms of Reference to Enable NFU etc?

Reply dated 7 Nov 14 received on 17 Nov 14

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1. Please refer to MoD No. 35(1)/2013/D(Pay/Services) dated 8.9.2014 enclosing MoD No. 22(4)/2012/D(Pay/Services) dated 04.7.2014 and 25.8.2014 referring anomalies unresolved by the Committee of Secretaries to 7th Central Pay  Commission for consideration.

2. GoI, MoF, Deptt of Exp Resolution No. 1/1/2013-E.III (A) dated 28.2. 2014, in the Terms of Reference for 7 CPC, at Para 2 (b) related to Defence Forces, does not include resolution/consideration of past/unresolved anomalies.

3. Please provide information as defined in Sec 2 (f) of the RTI Act, 2005 on the case taken up by MoD with MoF, Deptt of Exp for amending the Terms of Reference for the 7 CPC to consider past anomalies referred to by MoD in ibid letters of 04.7.2014 and 25.8.2014.

MoD Reply

No. 35 (1)/2013/D (Pay/Services)
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
7th November, 2014


Subject: Seeking information under RTI Act - 2005


          Reference is invited to MOD ID No. MODEF/R/2014/61916 dated 20.10.2014 forwarding your application dated 19.10.2014 received in this Section on 21.10.2014 on the above subject.

2.      Regarding information sought vide Para 3 of RTI application dated 19.10.2014 it is stated that on the request of Army Pay Commission Cell, the matter has been taken up with Ministry of Finance (Deptt of Expenditure) vide MoD OM No. 22 (4)/2012 dated 17th October 2014 (copy enclosed).

3.       The Appellate Authority is Shri Pradeep Kumar, Director (AG-I) Ministry of Defence, Room No. 102, Sena Bhawan, New Delhi.
(Prashant Rastogi)
Under Secretary & CPIO
*        *        *        *
Most Immediate
Government of India
Ministry of Defence
No. 22 (4)/2012-D (Pay/Services)                             New Delhi, the 17th October, 2014                   
Office Memorandum
Subject: Reference of the pay related issues of Defence Personnel to the VII CPC as recommended by the Cabinet Secretary Committee set up on the directions of the Hon’ble Prime Minister
            On the directions of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, a Committee under the chairmanship of the Cabinet Secretary to look into certain pay and pension issues of serving and retired Defence Services Personnel was set up by the Cabinet Secretariat in July 2012. The Committee was serviced by D/o Expenditure. The issues placed before the Committee were as under: -
               (i)       Defence Services Personnel
                    (a)      Common pay scales for in-service JCOs/ORs
                    (b)      Initial pay fixation of Lt Col/Col and Brig/equivalent
                    (c)      Review and enhancement of Grade Pay
                    (d)      Placing of all Lt Gens in HAG+ scale, and
(e)      Grant of Non-Functional Upgradation (NFU) to Armed Forces personnel
              (ii)      Ex-servicemen
                    (a)      One Rank One Pension
                    (b)      Enhancement of Family Pension
                    (c)      Dual Family Pension
(d)      Family pension to mentally/physically challenged children of Armed Forces personnel on marriage

2.       The Committee submitted its report in August 2012. All the recommendations of the Committee related to Ex-servicemen have been implemented by issue of eight Government letters on 17.1.2013.

3.       Regarding the issues related to serving Defence Personnel, the Committee vide Para 39 of its Report noted that

     “the pay related issues are complex and have ramifications across the Government including on para-military personnel. The proposals made by Defence Forces in many cases are at variance with some principles followed by the Sixth Pay Commission.”

Further, vide Para 41 of its Report, the Committee recommended that
          “In the circumstances, the Committee recommends that the pay related issues may be specifically referred to the next Pay Commission for its consideration as the Pay Commission is the expert body set up for this purpose which can examine these issues in a holistic manner.”

4.              The Government has accepted the above recommendations of the Committee on pay related issues. Accordingly, PMO, Cabinet Secretariat, Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) were informed vide MoD OM dated 4.7.2014. Thereafter, these five issues related to serving defence personnel are referred to 7th CPC for its consideration vide MoD ID Note dated 25.8.2014 under intimation to PMO, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure).

5.       Now, the Army Pay Commission Cell has brought it to notice that during presentation made by them to VII CPC on 28.08.2014, it was indicated by the Commission that since it has been set up under the aegis of Ministry of Finance, the reference for inclusion of core anomalies within the ambit of VII CPC should be made by the Ministry of Finance.

6.      Ministry of Finance (Department of Expenditure) is requested to facilitate in the matter and take it up with VII CPC to consider pay related issues of Defence personnel, as conveyed vide MoD ID Note dated 25.08.2014 under intimation to this Ministry.
(Pradeep Kumar)
Director (AG-I)
2301 4036
Ministry of Finance
(Deptt of Expenditure) (Shri Vivek Ashish, US)
North Block, New Delhi

Copy to: Army Pay Commission Cell.

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  1. Dear Sir,
    Does it mean that the 'pay related matters' recommended for reference to the 7 CPC , by the Cab.Secy. are yet to reach 7 CPC ?
    Someone has to intervene at this stage to accelerate the process, before it is too late .