Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Sales proceeds - Just the Bare Truth - October 14

This is the summary for October 2014. Entire amount is being transferred when received to RDOA. Online transfer will be displayed on this blog ASAP.

All Completed Sales

Author Price Copies
Royalty Earned
Pothi.com: 33
Others: 20


My thanks to all for contributing towards the fight for justice - including 20 copies by Service HQ!


  1. Sir,
    It is sad that more copies are not bought.I think we are not brave to fight our battle but fight to keep the citizens safe and they can sleep peacefully because armed forces guard them.I feel it is shame on all veterans that they don't want to spend a measly amount and learn the injustice done by babu kingdom

  2. Please do not be upset.

    I take encouragement from the fact that till I started putting information obtained thru RTI on this blog, everyone was shooting at everyone else.

    Maybe Veterans are happy some one is providing information then why make efforts?

    Like RDOA has spent a considerable amount on the Rank Pay case but of the 45000+ Veterans (going by CGDA figures), only about 4500 are members!

    That does not stop RDOA going to the Apex Court for all hearings in other cases of Veterans, not just in the Rank Pay case alone.

  3. sir,
    there is a link on wikileaks about "The Conspiracy against Indian Army! ''
    It is quiet exhaustive....but can it withstand legal scrutiny

  4. Sir-Grateful for the contributions to the RDOA.

    .1. Least what we can do is to pray for the quick recovery from illness of col.Satwant(secy RDOA), though many of us who are in a position to part a couple of Rupees from the first installment ( arrears ranging from few thousands to 2.5 Lakhs) have refrained from it .we, would have never gotten our just dues ,without the initiatives taken by RDOA (president, Secy,Senior guide/mentors and well wishers).
    .2. There are other Just-welfare issues being handled by RDOA on our behalf. We all know that , nothing comes for free in this material world. Request to those who can spare a couple of Rupees, must do so to strengthen the hands of RDOA. The accounts are audited professionals and presented to the members in AGM.
    .3. Not withstanding the above , RDOA has a mission to redress the justice denied to Veterans and they will selflessly be at it.